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Name: Claudene

I have been on every dose possible of Biest and Progesterone. Either I dont feel better or get breast tenderness.
I Am 51 years old and have had a total Hysterectomy.
I Have been working to balance hormones for 3 years now; no luck.
I Have always used Troches.
I Have read tons of literaure on HOrmones and balancing and met with many N.D's And M.D's Regarding this. It just cant be this difficult to It?

Normally it is not that difficult. Some of the reasons why it can be difficult with some patients is 1. absorption issues 2. dosage form issues 3. patient individuality (lifestyle) I would be happy to work with you and your doctor to get balanced. I especially like to help women out in your situation (been there myself!) Terri

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