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Name: Nancy

Hi. I had a complete hysterectomy at 35, and I'm now 56. I'd been on Estradiol (2mg) for almost 20 years, when I went down to 1 mg. My hair began to be thin and brittle. A few weeks ago at my annual gyn appt, my blood showed some estrogens low, and low testosterone. So, he put me back ito 2 mg estradpol ( finished the remaining pills I had for a week), then filled my Rx to switch to cream (Biest). My first dose was yesterday. With upping estrogen to 2 mg for the last week, and then Biest yesterday, I feel thicker in the waist and heavier in the chest already. Please tell me about weight gain with Biest. ( I am taking no progesterone). Thank you.

Nancy, I would need to know the strength of the Biest you were prescribed and how much you are applying. Keep in mind that progesterone is a week diuretic and compliments estrogen replacement. Although you don't have a uterus, we have progesterone receptors sites in our bone, breasts and brains! I think lowering your dose from 2mg is a good idea....just might need to take it a bit slower. Our bodies will react to sudden changes or drops in hormone levels. I would be happy to work with you & your doctor to get your HRT balanced. Terri

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