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Name: smith

I am perimenopause. I started .5 Mg BiEst/40 mg. Progesterone. Used cream 11 days. No problems until 9th day thu 11th day. Dizzy, things spinning, nausea, bad headaches. I quit the cream on 11th day. Without salvia testing do you think possbily the dose is too high for me? Are my symptoms common when first starting the cream? Do you do mail order and accept PayPal? Is a faxed perscription okay or would I need to send it by mail. Thanks! Any info you could email me would be greatly appreciated.

The dose for Biest is very low. The dose of progesterone is low to average. (some people take 200mg) Dizziness or light headedness can be a side effect of progesterone. Belmar Pharmacy can ship prescriptions and accept faxed orders from the doctor. Patients can mail their prescriptions or have their doctors fax or phone the prescriptions to Belmar Pharmacy. We look forward to working with you! Terri

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