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Name: Cindy

Hi! I have urinary symptoms - feeling like I have to urinate all the time and also a vaginal burning feeling. I urinate normally except for the feeling like I have to go even when I just went.

At first I was treated for bladder infection and yeast infection but what eventually helped was estriol vaginal cream. However, it is no longer working like it did. I did start also taking vaginal testosterone cream the last 3 weeks or so - would that affect something or do I need a stronger estriol cream.

Here is what I am taking:
Estriol = .5mg/4ml - taking 1ml per day
Testosterone = 1mg/ml - taking 1/2ml per day
*was Taking progesterone cream until about 3 months ago as I was suspicious it was causing me a lot of fatigue problems.


You definitely have room to increase your estriol vaginal dose. When you use a vaginal cream, your are really only getting a "local" effect on the vaginal wall. One thing to consider is a more "systemic" dosage form so that you get the benefits of HRT in your bones, skin, heart, breast etc. Too much, or the wrong type of delivery system when using progesterone can cause fatigue. We can work that out. Of course, UTI & other types of infection must be ruled out, but proper Hormone Replacement, both dose and dosage form, can help with the urinary symptoms associated with menopause. The staff and I at Belmar Pharmacy would be happy to help you.

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