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Name: Lisa

I have a couple of questions. I'm using. 01&.075 vivelle dot patches. I have used the patches for 3years now. For the last yr I have had terriable hair loss. Would progesterone or testosterone help restore my hair(or at least stop hair loss?) I have fibrous cystic breast,& my breast is very painful. Any suggestions on helping fibrous cystic breast? I also wanted to ask one more thing: I lost 15 lbs. & would like to gain my weight back. My skin is sagging, & I can't seem to gain the weight back. Any suggestions on how to gain weight back? Does testosterone help with this. I'm sorry for so many questions...Lisa

Hormone imbalance, or low hormone levels, including thyroid can cause hair loss. Have you had a hysterectomy? I definitely think you should get your hormone levels tested. Do this on day 2 of patch application and get a blood test for estradiol, progesterone, testosterone, DHEA and thyroid panel. Progesterone replacent may also be helpful for the fibrocystic breast as well. I would be happy to work with you & your physician to get your hormones balanced. Get a copy of your blood test results and we can discuss.

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