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Name: Bobby

I have been on bioidental hormones for 3 years. At first things were great but for the past year I have started bleeding on a regular basis. I take progesterone cream--200 mg once a day. I get a pellet twice a year. My doctor has adjusted my levels, I get regular blood tests and ultrasounds to make sure nothing is going wrong with my lining but I am still bleeding--usually a couple days of the week for the whole month. I am wondering if I should try taking prometrium instead. Are there any issues with the liver when taking prometrium? I am 53 years old and had stopped having periods when I went on bioidenticals. My doctor keeps adjusting my levels but we just can't seem to find that sweet spot.
Thank You,

The blood spotting you are describing is one of the most common side effects of pellets. Your pellet delivers a fairly steady amount of estradiol over time. The progesterone cream applied once a day is a jolt of progesterone, once daily. These fluctuations in hormone balance could be the culprit! The prometrium may have a similar effect. I would recommend a more "gradual" release progesterone tablet. I compound a 200mg tablet designed to release over 8-10 hours. Our progesterone tablets (BLA system) works great with pellets. They are designed for lymphatic absorption (avoids liver). There is more information on our website. I think this is a great option for you.

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