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Name: Nancy

Can you tell me the difference between using estrogren cream or vagifem for vaginal atrophy? I am concerned about all of the possible side effects, and am wondering if you believe that the cream is safer to use if one still has a uterus.Thank You.

The estrogen cream or vagifem contains estrogen that goes
directly into the vagina and treats the vaginal lining
directly helping vaginal atrophy. Very little is absorbed
into the body and does not cause side effects. It does not
really matter if you have a uterus or not as long as you use
the proper dose. In my experience, the best vaginal cream
to use for vaginal atrophy and the safest is Estriol vaginal
cream. It is a natural ovarian estrogen and works the best.
Let me know if you have difficulty locating it.

Phillip Warner, M.D.
Power Surge Medical Consultant
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