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Name: Raj

I feel scared with even telephone ring I had two panic attack with my heart goes pla really fast and when I called the ambulance the pl become less and my head become to shiver really fast and my hand and feet was really cold could not speak I had my blood and ect of heart taken and even x-ray things was ok that has been six tile I went to like that last night my leg and hand and head shaked and shivered so fast that I could not stop I was so scared something might have happened to me. Till now my head is shivering I want to ask do I need to scan myt head too see if there anything happen in it. I am too scared. My mouth dryed so fast. I wake up between in the night. And I feel so weak through out the day so weak with no engery often had spinning senesation in my head. Raj

Hi Raj

Why not speak with your doctor and ask them for a referral to a neurologist ? You can tell your doctor that you do want to have a scan, so that you know exactly what is happening to you.

In your question you say that you feel scared even when the telephone rings, and this can be a aymptom of an anxiety disorder for some people, especially
people with social anxiety.

Why not ask your doctor for a referral to a cognitive behavioural therapist (CBT), who would be able to assist you in learning to manage your panic and
anxiety. CBT teaches us how to manage our thoughts that are creating so much of our panic and anxiety.

You can find a CBT therapist in your area by visiting our world wide referral pages

Kind Regards,

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