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Name: robin

I just had my first panic attack labor day weekend. I have not had a one sence then but alot of anxiety. Not sure how to control them. It is taking over me going to work. I saw the doctor and he gave me Lexapro. I need to know outside of taking the pills how to control them untill the medication kicks in.

Hi Robin

It is our thinking that causes so much of our anxiety and panic. Try and
become aware of what you are thinking about during the course of the day and
night. I think you will find that you are thinking along the lines of "what
if". What if I have another panic attack, what if the doctor has made a
mistake in the diagnosis, what if I have an attack at work, etc " You may
also be thinking, 'why doesn't this go away, why isn't the medication
working, why can't I pull myself together, etc" All of these and similar
thoughts will be generating the anxiety that you are feeling.

The most effective therapy for panic and anxiety in the long term is
cognitive behavioural therapy. You can ask your doctor for a referral to a
cognitive behavioural therapist, who willl be able to teach you how to
manage not only your panic attacks, but also your anxiety.

You may wish to read our prevention pages on our website. These pages are
designed to assist people who have just begun to experience panic and
anxiety, and they may be of help to you.


Kind Regards,

Bronwyn Fox

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