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Name: Cindy

My Husband just doesn't understand my panic disorder and it really hurts because when I tell him I need to leave somewhere or go home he tell's me to shake it off I almost feel like I'm a burden and use my panic attack's as an excuse. I need him to understand but I don't know how to explain to him that this is more than just that time of the month. Can you please help me?

Hi Cindy

It can be very hurtful when our partner and/or family are not able to understand the full impact that an anxiety disorder can have on our life.

But it is important that we recognise and accept that it can be very difficult for someone who has never experienced an anxiety disorder, to fully understand or to appreciate the severity of it.

Have you considered asking your husband to read some information about anxiety disorders? There is a website for partners and family members that can give both information on anxiety disorders and can provide understanding and support to them. You can visit the website :


You could also consider asking your husband to come with you to your next
doctor's appointment. Your husband would then be able to speak with your doctor and would be able to ask any questions he may have.

Some therapists do involve partners and/or family members in the treatment program. This can include assisting with cognitive therapy and a graded exposure program. This may be an option that you both may also wish to consider.

Kind Regards,

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