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Name: Vashta

My mother is a healthy 87 year old woman. My only concern is her anxiety attacks. It seems to run in our family. She has an attack, if she gets upset or if I don't call for example, shortness of breath and her heart races. Thank you for your help. Sincerely, Vashta

Hi Vashta

There is a genetic contribution for panic disorder. It does run in families as you say.

Have you spoken to your mother about anxiety / panic attacks? The reason I ask is that in your mother's generation, panic / anxiety attacks were not recognised. There was no understanding and certainly not the knowledge by professionals and the community over all.

Why not get some information about panic and anxiety and discuss it with your mother. This may help her to understand what she is experiencing and why she is experiencing it.

You could also help your mother to learn breathing techniques to help her control her breath when she is upset and you may wish to enquire about cognitive therapy for her. This can help her work with her thoughts that create the anxiety.

Kind Regards,

Bronwyn Fox

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