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Name: Mary

I recently was told that I have a dermoid cyst on my ovary that is 8.5 Cm and that the ovary will need to be removed. I am 26 and have no children, but would REALLY like them. I am worried about something happening to the other ovary. How fast do cysts grow? My doctor said I would have sonograms once a year and 6 month checkups, but it seems to me like that could easily not catch a cyst until it was too late. How long do they take to grow? I'm also worried about hormone levels, I already suffer from depression.

The dermoid cyst and ovary need to be removed. It does not mean that the other ovary will develop a dermoid cyst but you are at higher risk. This also does not mean that you are at higher risk for ovarian cancer.
As far as children are concerned, I would advise that you investigate having eggs removed from your good ovary and freeze them for future use. This procedure is done commonly today.

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