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Name: Dove

I am overjoyed to find this site, as I am in need of your help. Please respond. I awake in the middle of the night with panic attacks. These attacks are preceded by a TREMENDOUS feeling of PRESSURE throughout my body that subsides with the panic attack -- and a feeling of being "shocked". I manage the panic well. It is the PRESSURE that is causing me much distress, as it is actually somewhat painful. My questions are -- what is this "pressure" reaction, and what should I do? Despite extensive research, I have found virtually nothing on this specific symptom. Drug info: I take Paxil at 12.5 Mgs. and the pill. Medical history: migraines(cured), hypoglycemia, subluxation in spine. Let me know if you need more information. Please educate me. Thank you,Dove

Hi Dove

People can experience a feeling of an electric shock, or a burning heat, or tingling heat moving through their body, which often times precedes the actual feelings of panic. In fact many people panic as a result of the electric shock etc Other people describe a sensation that feels like a "wave" of energy moving through their body, or an ice cold feeling or a rush of energy moving through their body and they panic as a result. Or people can experience any of these sensations with each separate panic attack.

For further information on this, you can visit our web page: www.panicattacks.com.au/research/holder/research5.html

I am not sure if your description of 'pressure' matches any of the above. People do sometimes report localised pressure, mainly at the top of the head or forehead, but I have not heard people talk of the type of pressure you describe in relation to their panic attacks.

If you haven't spoken to your doctor about the pressure, then you may wish to do so, as they may be able to assist you further.

Kind Regards,

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