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Name: Helen

I had my first PA 2+ years ago and was rushed to the Emergency Room twice within 1 week. After suspecting heart problems and not finding any, the doctor diagnosed me with PA (panic attacks). I haven't had any serious attacks for 2 years. Several days ago I started having the symptoms again, and, with the history of PA, the doctor assumed that it's PA's again. Question: My chest pain, extreme fatigue, and the feeling of being "unstable" or "shaky" last for many hours (8+) at a time. I also wake up at night with extremely fast heart rate. Could it still be PA with symptoms lasting that long without any cause or should I seek more help diagnosing the illness? Thank you.

Hi Helen

It is not unusual for a panic and anxiety to be ongoing. Some people can be anxious every waking moment and during this time they can have ongoing panic attacks.

The reason why anxiety and panic attacks can be chronic, is because people are constantly worried about the symptoms of anxiety. The more people worry about being anxious, the more anxious they become.

If you feel unsure about your doctor's diagnosis, ask for a second opinion. The worry of, 'what if my doctor has made a mistake', 'what if there is really something seriously wrong with me', will keep your anxiety going.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is the most effective therapy in the long term for anxiety disorders.

Your doctor can refer you to a CBT therapist, or you can visit our international referral pages:


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