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Name: justin

I worry just everyday about my health. I am really down and depressed now because I always think that somthing is wrong with me and I am going to die. If I start to think somthing is wrong with me, is it possible I could start to feel it? In one month I have though over 30 things are wrong with me. I have not gone to see a doctor yet. I am having some body aches in the legs and things. Could this be from depression or anxiety. Thanks for the help.

Hi Justin

Can you see how your worrying about your health is in all probability creating your symptoms, which in turn makes you more anxious about your health ?

Some people do feel intimidated going to see a doctor. They worry that the doctor may find something is wrong and so they don't go, and worry all the more.

The only way to break out of this cycle is to go and see your doctor, have a complete physical and deal with any issue that may arise. If you have anxiety and/or depression then the doctor can confirm this for you, and refer you onto a specialist who will be able to assist you.

Think about making an appointment with your doctor. You may feel anxious just thinking about this, and / or you may feel anxious making the appointment and going to see the doctor. This can be very normal. Let yourself feel the anxiety, but don't let it stop you from going.

You can break out of the cycle.

Kind Regards,

Bronwyn Fox

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