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Name: kelly

I am 41 years old and just joined weight watchers a few weeks ago. My doctor says that I am entering into perimenopause. I cannot lose weight no matter how much I try. I exercise every day and stay on track with my weight watchers. How do I lose weight, increase my metabolism? I would love any suggestions you have.

I would suggest you check out Ann Louise Gittleman\'s book, Hot Times..... Much there to help you. Best of luck! I would also suggest The Taming of the Chew for further guidance..... Get support and educate yourself about this complex stage of life. I wish you well...

Be well,
Dr. Denise Lamothe
Clinical Psychologist
Specializing in Weight and Eating Issues
Author of The Taming Of The Chew: A Holistic
Guide to Stopping Compulsive Eating

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