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Name: Romy

Hi, I have a question about internal shaking. I only have this problem when waking, especially when waking up from a daytime nap, or when waking with a start, like from a ringing phone. It started about a year ago;I've had depression and mild generalized anxiety for years, but not this. It feels like the bed's shaking, so I always think there's an earthquake. By the time I wake enough to know it's me shaking, my heart is racing. I'm not sure if it's racing from the shaking, or if it's fear over a possible earthquake. I've never had a panic attack when I'm awake, but I don't know what else this could be. I'm 38 years old. I'd really appreciate any information you have. Seems everyone else who has this at night has it when they're falling sleep, not waking, if it is anxiety. Thanks again.

Hi Romy

From your question, you appear not to be sure if the shaking is a result of anxiety.

While it is true that if we wake up with a 'start' from a loud noise etc we can certainly feel startled and disorientated, but your description of feeling like there is an "earthquake" is much more than this.

I always advise everyone who has an anxiety disorder, to speak to their doctor if they develop a new symptom. Panic attacks and anxiety can mimic a number of physical conditions and these do need to be ruled out by a doctor.

Also too, some people can feel shaky if their blood sugar is low. Or the feeling of internal shaking can be a withdrawal effect of tranquillisers and anti depressants. If you are taking medication and have missed taking it at your normal time, you may begin to experience withdrawal symptoms.

Speak with your doctor and they will be able to make a full assessment.

Kind Regards,

Bronwyn Fox

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