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Name: Anonymous

Many of the men who do not know him say that he must not have been in love with me otherwise he would not have broken up with me. However, if he didn't have feelings for me why did he bother pursuing me all of this time? I am having trouble convincing myself that I did not do something to disgust or turn him off or if I am just an idiot. Please advise I am very miserable.

You are going through the same self-doubt and self-flagellation everyone goes thru when they get slammed by people like this. It's his illness. Please don't make it yours!

Steven Carter
Relationship expert and author of 19 books, including the New York Times bestseller, Men Who Can't Love, What Smart Women Know, Getting To Commitment, 'This Is How Love Works' and his newest, Help, I'm In Love With A Narcissist

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