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Name: Sarah

For the others: I can't stress enough that therapy helps. I was devastated at how my ex-CP just abandoned me after a year of such closeness. It has been over 4 months since he left and I started therapy at the 2 month mark, and I am over it. He even called me a short time ago, I let him speak his piece, and it gave me closure (because he was "kind" and admitted his fears and it allowed me to let go). He asked for another chance and I said NO! Had I not been in therapy, I would have been tempted to say yes. Therapy works. Not only did it help me deal with the heartbreak caused by the CP, but it helped me deal with my issues which made the heartbreak of the CP that much more painful. Don't wait another minute-go to therapy-it will give you the peace you are looking for.

Thank you!

Steven Carter
Relationship expert and author of 19 books, including the New York Times bestseller, Men Who Can't Love, What Smart Women Know, Getting To Commitment, 'This Is How Love Works' and his newest, Help, I'm In Love With A Narcissist

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