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Name: Kathy

14 years ago I suffered from panic attacks and depression. I was able to go off medication after 8 months. Two years ago I had a variety of symptoms, one of which I assumed was hot flashes (I'm now 49). My question is - I'm having some of those symptoms again and don't know whether it's anxiety or hot flashes. I took tri-est for a year and a half and tapered off as I felt better. So I've been off that for 4 months. I've also been taking Zoloft and progesterone, both of which I'm still taking.Thanks,Kathy

Hi, Kathy!

It is difficult for me to say what your symptoms are, as hot flashes and anxiety/ panic symptoms can be similar. Is your doctor able to assist you in recognising if your symptoms are panic /anxiety related or hormonal?

People can experience panic attacks, anxiety and depression at certain times in their life. If we don't take a proactive role in our recovery, ie learning how to manage them using cognitive behavioural therapy, then the symptoms can return and cause further distress.

You may wish to consider seeing a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist. (CBT) They would be able to assist you with any panic/anxiety symptoms. CBT is the most effective therapy in the long term for anxiety disorders.

You can read about this on our webpages.

You can find a CBT therapist in your area by visiting our world wide referral pages.

Kind Regards,

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