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H I there I have been sticking religiously to my weight watchers diet for 6 weeks, and I lost 1 stone in weight. Week 7 and 8 I gained 1lb then 1.5lb I didnt do anything different and I am totally gutted do tou have a reasonable answer for me as my leader cant. Yours hopefully samantha

A fluctuation of one or two pounds means nothing. There are so many factors that affect the readings on the scale. I suggest just taking the very best care you can to eat well, get plenty of rest, drink lots of pure water and relax, have fun and focus off of those meaningledd numbers. Weight yourself only once a month or not at all. See if your WW leader can weight you but not tell you what the scale says except once a mionth. That will give you a better picture. I also suggest you get my book, The Taming of the Chew, to help you understand the issue of food control from a complete, holistic perspective...Best of luck....

Be well,
Dr. Denise Lamothe
Clinical Psychologist
Specializing in Weight and Eating Issues
Author of The Taming Of The Chew: A Holistic
Guide to Stopping Compulsive Eating

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