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Name: jeanette

My menstural cycle start coming on 3 time a month. I had an aniexty attack. Iwent to the doctor because of big fibroids I had to have a hystertomy. I haven't been the same. I have been on medication for aniexty and hormone therapy. I am really concern about the medication and my health. I am nervous. Please gave be some information on this situation.

Hi, Jeanette.

My situation was similar to yours. I began to develop panic disorder three months before I had a hysterectomy. There is no doubt, that it is difficult and confusing to understand the many and varied symptoms we can have as a result of anxiety / panic and as a result of hormones, or lack there of!

I used meditation and a mindfulness cognitive technique. This is how I recovered from panic disorder. Using mindfulness, I was able to learn to control my thoughts and in turn, my panic and anxiety.

Much of our anxiety and panic is being created by the way we are thinking. This is why I encourage everyone to see a cognitive behavioural therapist (CBT). This way we can learn to control our panic and anxiety.

You can find a CBT therapist in your area by visiting our world wide referral pages

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