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Name: Sherry

I'm on natural hormones. Can I also take herbs such as chasteberry, raspberry leaf, bethroot, periwinkle in addition to the hormones? Or would that mess things up?

Can I take the herbs and slowly wean off the hormones?

I've been on the progesterone and estradiol cremes for years as I am perimenopausal. I don't think I've been ovulating recently, and now my periods are irregular. If I just keep taking the dosages I'm on...estrogen Every day and progesterone on day 16 (counting the day of the beginning of my period as day 1 no matter whether it comes early or late), will my periods eventually quit?

Do you think I need to do a biopsy since my periods have gone "whacky"?

I will answer the 3 questions you asked. 1. The herbs will
not substitute for proper bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. 2. If you continue to take the hormones in the way you are now doing, your periods will never stop. 3. You need to see a doctor who is familiar with perimenopause and menopause as the hormone treatments are different. He/She will determine whether you need a biopsy.

Phillip Warner, M.D. (OB-GYN)
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