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Name: Sherry

I'm in perimenopause, and I'm 51...taking Natural estradiol and progesterone. I've recently had 2 periods that have come on day 16 or so and 2 periods that were about a week late. I've had periods that start light and then about 2 or so days heavier..then Skipping a day...and Then picking up again and going about 9-10 days.

Recently I had a light period that quickly turned brown but lasted for 12 days.

This month I had a scanty period about 9 days that never really got much on my pad...just When I wiped. Then I had a break with nothing for a day...then Spotting a little the next day....then Another "nothing" day...then It picked back up again and I'm on my 16th day. Sometimes the discharge has been pink, sometimes it's been red, sometimes brown.

Is This normal or not?

The erratic nature of the menstrual periods are normal for
perimenopause. The trick is for the doctor to prescribe the right doses of estrogen and progesterone to stop the irregular and bothersome bleeding.

Phillip Warner, M.D. (OB-GYN)
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