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Name: Tracy

I recently changed from birth control pills to the Mirena IUD after 23 years on the pill. I'm 38. Shortly before I changed, I would wake up at night and felt a little warm. I had the procedure done on February 7th. I have started having very mild hot flashes since mid April. Could this be a side effect of the MIrena, or could I just be starting menopause symptoms early? My mother went through menopause in her late 40's.


Dear Tracy,

You are likely starting to experiencing some symptoms of peri-menopause, especially since your mother had symptoms early. As your ovarian production of estradiol starts to decline, even if it is slight, you can start to experience symptoms such as hot flashes. Down the road you may want to consider supplementation with bioidentical hormone therapy, which can help restore your hormone levels and alleviate your symptoms. For now one supplement option you may want to consider to help with your hot flashes is Peridin C.

Peridin C contains vitamin C and citrus bioflavonoids, which have a structural similarity to estrogen. Bioflavonoids have been shown to decrease the incidence of hot flashes, particularly when they are taken with Vitamin C. Their effect on hot flashes may be due to the structural similarity between certain bioflavonoids and our body's own estrogens. Studies have shown that menopausal women tend to have lower levels of vitamin C than pre-menopausal women do, plus research indicates that vitamin C strengthens the blood vessel membranes and acts as a potent antioxidant. Vitamin C is considered an essential nutrient for optimal functioning of the adrenal glands, an important source of post-menopausal hormone production. During perimenopause and menopause, the body begins producing more estrogen at sites other than the ovaries. The adrenal glands, as well as adipose and muscle tissue, assume an increasingly important role in hormone synthesis as ovarian function begins to slow down. The usual dosage is 2 tablets after meals three times daily for 1-2 weeks, then 1 tablet three times a day after meals. You can order this supplement by calling 1-800-728-0288.

Tiffany Spudich, Pharm.D.

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