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Name: Mary

Hello....My Question is about meds for help with panic when driving (every red light, stop signs school bus stops, etc) I'm also in a negative marriage, and my husband controlls where I go for appts - The reason I mention this is because I would liek to focus on symptoms now, and receive cognitive therapy or try herbs after I have gotten away. I live in a Very remote area with no stores, no friends, and my husband works from home. Do you have any suggestions of anything that might help in the short term so I can get back to driving and get a job - so that I could move on?T Hanks so much,-Mary Beth

Hi Mary Beth

My apologies, but I don't advise people about specific medications. This does need to be done by the person's doctor. Everyone is different and what works for one person may not be as effective for someone else. It is very individual and medical advice and back up is important for everyone.


re you able to see your doctor and speak to them about this ? Or are you able to arrange for your doctor to speak with you on the phone ? They may even have an email address that you could initially write to for assistance.

In regards to support, do you have a local minister you could confide in? And/ or you may also wish to consider using Power-surge's excellent support resource through their message board:


Kind Regards,

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