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Name: Dusty

Started treatment anxiety/depression in 1989 Used alternately Zoloft, Effexor, Serzone w/Xanax for 11 years. 1999 got severe sweat attacks to point of almost passing out - rushing in ears , acute dizziness, weak and extreme headaches. Finally realized was Serzone so I Stopped SSRI April 2001, after I tried some of new drugs. Doc said maybe Serotonin syndrome.Have Some agoraphobia, severe phobias medical things/medicine, crying and anxiety and startle response is through roof. Above sound like serotonin sickness to you? Is there some med I can try for my symptoms? Can't take med that'll increase weight, due to lumbar spine issue . Lethal. Tried Celexa, Paxil, Prozac, Buspar, Klonopin(?). Will not try drug which has tardive dyskinsia (sp?) Side effect; am susceptible.


I am not familar with the term serotonin sickness / syndrome and any diagnosis as to what you are experiencing does need to be made by a doctor.

Some people who experience panic disorder can experience difficulties using anti depressants and other medications prescribed for their disorder. They may need to try a number of medications before finding one that is effective for them. A few people find they are not able to use any medication at all.

Have you considered seeing an anxiety disorder specialist ? They would be able to give you a definitive diagnosis and would be able to assist you in finding a medication that is suitable for you.

You may also wish to consider seeing a cognitive behavioural therapist (CBT) who could assist you in learning to overcome your anxiety, agoraphobia and your other phobias. You doctor may be able to refer you to a CBT therapist or you can visit our world wide referral web pages: http://www.panicattacks.com.au/pa/links/cbtindex.html

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