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Name: shirley

Thank you for your answer about zyprexa. I do want to get off of celexa, but my doctor does not know how to wean me safely. Is there a source advising one how to withdraw from celexa? I can't find any information on the internet. I want to become celexa free. Thank you in advance

Unfortunately the information on safe tapering is not really available. To my knowledge there has never been a published study on how to best approach this. The Internet is full of con men who claim that they can sell you a supplement that will allow you to stop SSRIs, but none of these people have ever published a peer reviewed study. You might want to read 'Your Drug may be Your Problem' by Breggin and Cohen and The Antidepressant Solution' by Glenmullen which has the best information on this.

Stuart Shipko, MD (Psychiatrist/Neurologist)
Founder and Medical Director of PDI -
The Panic Disorders Institute
Author of Surviving Panic Disorder: What You Need To Know

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