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Name: Sandy

Need to know about drug interactions for HBP & Lupus
I Take fluvoxamine,quinapril, premarin, HCTZ, synthroid.
read book by Dr. Don Colbert
For Hbp recommended Vitamin B12, VitaminE, Flaxseed Oil, Fish Oil, Garlic.For Lupus: DSF, DHEA, evening Primrose Oil, Total Leaky Gut (repairs intestinal tract, digestive enzymes, Moducare, acidolphius digestive pearls I need an open mind. Tired of just treating symptoms.

Dear Sandy,
Drugs you should avoid when you have lupus include hydralazine, quinidine, procainamide, phenytoin, isoniazide and d- penicillamine. As for HBP (I assume you mean High Blood Pressure) medications you would want to be cautious taking include, but not limited to stimulants and NSAIDS. There is some suggestion hat Lupus is associated with hormone levels, esp. when levels fluctuate before menstruation. Below I have included a link to our Patient Empowerment Program which can help get started in using bioidentical hormones.
Kari, Pharm.D.

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