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Name: Judy

I have been taking Rejuvex for two years and it works wonders for my hot flashes. I experience only several a week as opposed to 30 daily!

I live overseas and usually buy a year's quantity in advance. However now that Rejuvex has been taken off the market I am DESPERATE to learn of another product that may have the SAME EXACT composition. I am on anti-coagulants and cannot take Black Cohosh. I DO NOT have the ease of purchasing a product here in Ukraine that I can trust. As Christmas approaches I can have someone purchase for me my next year's supply...waiting To hear from someone PLEASE ASAP. I get hot flashes just thinking my supply only goes through the end of January!

Dear Judy:

Send me the formula that is listed on the Rejuvex box, then I will look and see what we might have that is similar, and send you an email about it. We can ship it to one of your friends, who will be traveling over to see you at the holiday time, if we can figure out what you want. email the formula to consultph@bpharmacysolutions.com ATTN: Pete.... I will try to help you soon.
Pete Hueseman, R.Ph., P.D.

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