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Name: Sam

H I I have a few questions, one is that im 16 and a very late bloomer in puberty and I have a 7.25 Inch penis when erect is that big or small? Another is that my penis is also curved to the right and down, how did this curve happen and is there a way to fix it? My last question is that when Im done masturbating I have a feeling like I want to be alone or I definetly dont want to talk to any girls. Im positive its not that I feel embarrased or anything but even girls I like I wont want to be around after I masturbate. Is this normal or a phase or something?

Thank you

Dear Sam -- the size of your penis sounds to be within normal limits. As far as the "curve" is concerned, the penis is comprised of 3 "chambers" or tubes which sometimes fill unequally creating a curve to the erect penis. There are other reasons for a penis that curves -- scar tissue, injury, etc. -- usually (unless it is so severe that it interferes with vaginal penetration) the curve is not a problem. The technical name for a curve in the penis is "Pyronies" -- you might want to do a little more reading in that area. If it continues to concern you, see your physician or urologist so that it can be examined and you can be appropriately reassured. As far as your feelings about masturbation -- many men feel a variety of emotions after they masturbate including relief, pleasure, embarrassement or guilt. None of these are abnormal. If you feel preoccuppied by any of these issues, however, it might be helpful to find a male therapist to talk to about all these good questions (and any others you may have about your sexual changes as you mature).

Dr. Sandy Scantling
Author of Extraordinary Sex Now.
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