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Name: lizzy

H I I am 20 years old-5ft 0 and 236 pounds.I Started a diet 3 weeks ago- I lost 8 pounds in the first week- but for the last 2 weeks ive lost nothing- I go to the gym(curves) 3/4 times a week - drink pleanty of water and eat healthly- whats wrong?

Lizzy -- There are so many factors to consider. You may be developing uscle which weighs more than fat but is a really good thing because you will be increasing your metabolism. It could be that you are not eating enough, or sleeping enough or playing enough or many other things. ...and,I do not ever recommend dieting. It causes wewight gain. I would suggest you get my book, The Taming of the Chew (on my site at or order from Amazon or your local bookstore). It is a simple book that will give you a full picture of this weight issue -- physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually. If you diet and don't really understand the whole picture, you will create yourself fat again and again and again -- I know. I have been there. Best of luck --

Be well,
Dr. Denise Lamothe
Clinical Psychologist
Specializing in Weight and Eating Issues
Author of The Taming Of The Chew: A Holistic
Guide to Stopping Compulsive Eating

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