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Name: Nita

I am on Ortho-Cyclen birth control pills. I want to stop taking them as I no longer have a need for birth control. I have taken them for years and am worried about stopping abruptly. Currently, I am using progesterone cream in addition to the pills to help with irregular periods and night sweats. The progesterone has done that. Can I just stop taking birth control pills?

Hello Nita,
Stopping your birth control pills should not be an issue, however you should at least complete the current packk you are taking. However, depending on your age, your birth control may be supplementing some of your hormone levels, and if you are pre-menopausal or menopausal your symptoms could potentially get more severe. If you need further management, you could set up a consultation with one of our consultant pharmacists by going through our “Patient Empowerment Program” by clicking here or posting this in your web browser. This program was developed to assist you in getting started on the natural bioidentical hormones. It empowers you through knowledge and education to approach your physician and get the natural treatment you are looking for. We provide physician referrals, as part of our program.
Best Regards,
Tiffany, Pharm.D.

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