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Name: anon

H I Steven, Anne Younger is not listed in Burbank or Beverly Hills and I cannot find her on google, either. Any other good therapists in the LA area to recommend? I live in the west valley.
I Just terminated a short (3 month) relationship (eHarmony match)...I Did not handle it well, and this is the first time I've done something destructive like this. It really freaks me out. He had some CP/N tendancies, but not enough to be sure. I sent an impulsive, nasty email. I feel I am reacting to my previous N/CP experiences, but I am very troubled by my behavior. Usually I'm the one tolerating bad behavior, not the one dishing it out. So, yeah, it's time for some professional help. Thank you!!

Gary Pearle on Ventura Blvd. in Studio City.

Steven Carter
Relationship expert and author of 19 books, including the New York Times bestseller, Men Who Can't Love, What Smart Women Know, Getting To Commitment, 'This Is How Love Works' and his newest, Help, I'm In Love With A Narcissist

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