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Name: Elizabeth

When I have sex, I feel penetration, but I do not feel any pleasure from it. My body lubricates, but there is no sensation.

I have been masturbating since I was nine, I am now twenty-four, and when I touch myself (finger on clitoris) I am able to feel a sensation, and then an orgasm, however, if I were to insert anything into the Vaginal area, I am not able to feel anything.

I don't know what's wrong.

Dear Elizabeth,

I wonder if there's been a change in your vaginal sensivity, or whether you're just commenting on something that has always been for you? You describe being aroused (lubricating), having pleasure with clitoral stimulation, and orgasm -- all good things. Most women don't realize that the inner 2/3 of the vagina responds to sensations of pressure but is not especially sensitive to touch. When you have a pelvic exam and the doctor takes a pap smear you might remember that you can't really feel things with specificity. This is just how we're built! It works well during labor and delivery -- a time you'd prefer less vaginal sensation! If you still have concerns, speak to your OB-GYN the next time you have your yearly exam to rule out neurological or hormonal contributants. If all checks out, I'd relax and enjoy.

Dr. Sandy Scantling
Author of Extraordinary Sex Now.
Visit Dr. Sandy's Web site at: www.drsandy.com

Information provided by Dr. Scantling is general in nature and should not be construed as a substitute for a visit to and examination by your own personal physician.
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