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Name: Wendy

I heard about a new product in the UK called Scentuelle that boosts the libido by using your sense of smell to trigger emotions. I know that smell is very powerful but can that really work? I love my husband but my sexual desire is just not where I would like it and I don't want to take drugs.

Dear Wendy,

The short answer is that I don't know whether this product "really works" and more importantly, what the long term effects of sniffing it every hour might be. All of our senses impact on our well-being -- good and not so good. Smell, touch, taste, etc. Smell is a primitive sensation that contains early images and can trigger powerful memories. When it comes to sexuality, everyone's looking for a quick fix. Sexuality is complex and I'm always a bit suspicious -- especially when I don't see some long term randomized research studies to support the product's development, etc. We know that dopamine stimulates sexual desire (among other factors, of course)-- whether this new product actually stimulates dopamine and how it works on the brain at what risk is not entirely clear at this point. If your sexual desire has shifted and is giving you distress, I suggest you get a complete evaluation from a certified professional to identify what the contributing factors might be.

Dr. Sandy Scantling
Author of Extraordinary Sex Now.
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