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Name: mary

I recently started using a 2% compounded testosterone cream for migraines...1ml 2-3x wk. The only days I feel good are the days I use the The next day the migraine is back, along with the tiredness and anxiety. I'd like to use this cream every day..what Do you think?
Thanks, Mary

Dear Mary:

I would say you definitely need to try it daily, but the amount will have to be changed for you. So my recommendation is to try 0.25 ml every day; this will give you 5 mg per day. 2% = 20mg and that would be way too much to use daily for a woman. Try it and see how you do, and let me know if you need anymore help. We would of course like to have you use our Pharmacy for future filling of Compounded medications. We do ship everywhere and accept hundreds of insurance plans for payment of RX's for only a copay. 1-800-728-0288

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