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Name: Robin


Shall I have my gynocologist speak directly with you to order bioidentical hormones? Who does the dosing? Do you work together? I would like to switch to a subcutaneous tablet for progesterone to replace the Prochieve 4% vaginal insert twice weekly I am now using and am not sure what you would recommend. She prescribed 100mg progesterone cream twice daily when I asked for an alternative previously, which threw me way out of balance.



Dear Robin:

Yes, I would first recommend you call me at 1-800-728-0288 between 9 AM and 6 PM CST; I would first like to talk to you about what went wrong with the cream, and what you are trying to accomplish with the physician. I am not sure what "way out of balance" means to you? Then I will be happy to talk to the doctor directly, and she can call me or I can call her if you give me her phone #. It is not a subcutaneous tablet but a sublingual tablet- dissolve under the tongue.
do look forward to hearing from you soon.

Pete Hueseman, R.Ph., P.D.
10 years Power Surge Pharmaceutical Consultant
Ph. 1.800.728.0288 or 314.727.8787
Fax. 1.800.458.9182 or 314.727.2830
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