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Name: Nancy

H I Pete, I am an RPh in Michigan. How do you compound bio-identcal creams & caps? Where do you get the ingredients from? Also, are there disadvantages to using these products long-term? Also, are there disadvantages to replacing ovarian hormones to the woman's level in her 30's when she is really 65? Thanks for taking the time to answer. Nancy Rubino, RPh

Dear Nancy:

I would not totally recommend restoring a 65 year old's hormone levels to that of a 30 year old, unless she has been on HRT all along. This is when there is a significant chance of blood clots, when starting an older person on HRT from scratch.
We run a large mail order compounding Pharmacy with many doses forms available to tailor therapy to each person individually, and I don't mean to sound unhelpful, but if we told all Pharmacists what and how to do it, then we might be out of business. This category of medicine has taken me 15 years to learn, and I am still learning something new about it each day, I do hope you understand. For to make a capsule or cream does not make one a great compounding Pharmacist, you have to learn how to guide doctors and patients with the different dose forms, reading lab reports correctly and etc. All of the products you need can usually be bought from your local wholesaler.

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