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Name: Mary

Thank you for your answer. I know my son will have to make his own decision regarding this man. But, why is the CP even contacting him if he wanted me out of his life so much? And why did he say all of those loving things about me if he doesn't want me?

You need to read MEN WHO CAN'T LOVE.
He doesn't want you, but he needs to know he can have you.
He needs to know that he has access to you (your son, in this case) even though he'll never follow through.
It's all part and parcel of his illness.

Steven Carter
Relationship expert and author of 19 books, including the New York Times bestseller, Men Who Can't Love, What Smart Women Know, Getting To Commitment, 'This Is How Love Works' and his newest, Help, I'm In Love With A Narcissist

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