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Name: Sue

Dear Pete
I Am on HRT namely evorel 50. This is patches which delivers 50 micrograms of bioidentical estrogen a day and 12 norethisterone tablets of 1 mg each(synthetic progesterone). If I were to switch to a bioidentical progesterone cream instead of the 1mg tablet what strength would I need? Please don't tell my to ask my doctor. I live in Scotland and nobody here knows anything about it my doctor tells me I'm doing the reseach for her! Thanks so much for helping.
love Sue

Dear Sue:

You would have her order progesterone 100mg/gram of cream; and apply 1/4 teaspoonful twice a day on the same 12 days of the cycle each month. 1/4 teaspoonful = 1 gram of cream. Then you would switch to a patch of Estradiol 50 micrograms per day to use with it; and then you would have no synthetic hormones. Hope this helps you with the solution.

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