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January 13, 1997
Host: Dearest
Guest: Dr. Christiane Northrup

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OnlineHost: NorthrupMD has entered the room. Dearest: It is with great pleasure that I introduce you to tonight's guest in Power Surge, physician, author, women's health advocate... D R. C H R I S T I A N E N O R T H R U P Dr. Northrup. is a pioneer in the field of women's health. An obstetrician-gynecologist with nearly 20 years of clinical and medical teaching experience, she was also a co-founder in 1986 of WOMEN TO WOMEN, an innovative healthcare center for women in Yarmouth, Maine, and a past president of the American Holistic Medical Association. This background has given Dr. Northrup her unique perspective on how to help women heal themselves and learn to create health daily vs. living in fear of illness. She has articulated the difference between healing and curing, and why disease screening is not the same thing as *creating health*. Dr. Northrup is the author of the best-seller, "Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom" and is also the editor of the successful monthly newsletter, HEALTH WISDOM FOR WOMEN (E-mail Dearest for info about both, please). Dearest: Dr. Northrup, welcome :) One of the strongest feelings I walk away with from reading your book is that a healthy *attitude* toward our health and aging can't help but result in the creation of a healthy body -- that much of what women think or expect is a result of what society has and we, in turn, impose upon ourselves. Perhaps in saying hello, we can open with the wonderful reference you make in your book to your (then) 68 year old mother being "read" by a medical intuitive as "energetically" as though she were in her 30's. You then say, "The more women like my mother ignore what is supposed to happen when we age, the better the chances are that all of us will stay healthy." Would you share this thought provoking mind-set with the women of Power Surge in your opening thoughts? Thank you. NorthrupMD: I'd love to. My mother is now 71 and getting younger every day, but she said that when she turned 65 her mail was suddenly full of diaper ads, eyeglass deals, hearing aid ads, etc. She said she felt as though she were being programmed to disintegrateat that age. We hear this much we start to believe it - and our cells respond. Even young women tell me"Now that I'm it must be normal to have these aches and pains. Dearest: Wonderful reply, Dr. Northrup :) Thank you. LPawel, go ahead with your question for our guest. LPAWEL: Yes, what is your recommendation for those of us who cannot or willnot take HRT? NorthrupMD: Natural progesterone can be very helpful in perimenopause because it helps smooth the transitions of estrogen ups and downs. But initially, it may give you hot flashes, because first it increases estrogen receptors and then after a few weeks it downregulates them so it can take a while to work. It is also a precursor to estrogen and androgen for many women and therefore can be using as hormone replacement by women who don't want to take estrogen at all. LPAWEL: What is your recommendation for those of use who cannot or will not take HRT? NorthrupMD: My recommendation is that these women get a lipid profiles to check their HDL and total cholesterol also check their bone density and do weight bearing exercise - especially weight training at least twice per week. This increases bone density. By the way, my mother has never taken any ERT - not even for one day. Last year she climbed Mt. Rainier. HRT is not for everyone - and it's really a godsend for others Dearest: Great, Dr. Northrup. Pquiz, please ask your question, please. Pguiz: At 44 I went thru surgical menopause due to chemo and radiation. My doc is pushing HRT and I said no What can I do? NorthrupMD: Was your chemo and radiation for an estrogen-linked tumor such as breast or uterine cancer? Pguiz: I had anal cancer-squamous cell ca but it through me into menopause right away. NorthrupMD: The type of cancer you had is not related to excess estrogen and I wouldn't make an absolute stand about ERT at this time. Wait and see how you feel. The main thing you need to be aware of is that Pguiz: But I feel fine, do I need HRT? NorthrupMD: Surgical or chemo-induced menopause is NOT the same thing as normal physiologic menopause - it can throw your body for a loop. Why not try dong quai, ginseng, or some good herbal combination. I'd recommend acupuncture and Chinese herbs as a good alternative for you. Pguiz: Thank you, I love your book and newsletters Dearest: Great. Zmbz, go ahead :) Zmbz: Please comment on your opinion of nutrients, as proclaimed in Dead Dr.'s don't lie NorthrupMD: It is true that our soils and foods are deficient in minerals and vitamins which is why I recommend supplementation. The marketing for Dead Doctors Don't Lie is very effective and makes the case for supplementation. There are many good products on the market Dearest: Dr. Northrup, you talk about "emotional incision and draining" in your book, and that "many illnesses are the end result of emotions that have been stuffed, unacknowledged and unexperienced for years." Could you please elaborate on that? Thanks. NorthrupMD: When we are children, we naturally are in tune with our emotions. Emotions tell us whether we're following our heart or not. But our culture is afraid of emotions and as children we get shamed and blamed for having them particularly if we are girls. It has been shown that girls can act much less disruptive than boys in class for example and be labeled behavior problems. So we get the idea early on that something is wrong with us. And if we don't resolve this, it can set the stage for illness. Different emotions tend to go to different areas of the body. Dearest: ...and how does that specifically relate to how we view the aging process? NorthrupMD: Great question. We expect to deteriorate with age, become less desirable, less capable, less effective, and then, guess what that is exactly what happens. There are cultures in which women get pregnant in their 50's and 60's. In our culture we believe that our eggs get "old" at about age 35 and that weare then subfertile - and so that's what we manifest. Dearest: So, it might be said... we feel the way we *think* we feel. Interesting. Harpy, go ahead. Harpy711: I'm 46 still mensing having all kinds of symptons what is ahead of me? NorthrupMD: I'd recommend that you have your salivary cortisol levels checked over a 24 hour period. Diagnostechs Labs in Seattle is where you can get it done - Have your doctor arrange this. I've found that many, many women have adrenal glands that are very fatigued when they enter the perimenopausal years. So you need to get your adrenals back on track and rehabilitated so that they can take over hormone production as your ovaries change. This is a very, very common problem that isn't recognized much by conventional medicine Dearest: Thanks, Dr. Northrup. ConWoman, please go ahead. ConWoman 7: I am 49 1/2, still having periods, just had my 1st "real" hot flashes - having body aches, migraines, depression, and extreme anger and rage. I really don't know what to do first. NorthrupMD: You need to do a "fearless moral inventory" of your life at this point. Rage and anger do not come out of nowhere and they are not necessarily related to hormonal function. You may be needing a large change in your life direction, your job, your mate, etc. All of these things can and do affect hormonal levels via the cortisol pathways. I'd recommend a complete assessment of your hormonal levels via salivary testing. ConWoman 7: I have just experienced a major change in my life job change, married, career change, mom got cancer. i feel overwhelmed. Dearest: ZJ, please go ahead :) Z J Gragg: Why would my FSH test show single digits and when my ovaries were removed they were atrophied? Dr. Northrup: Because you were producing hormones from other areas of your body besides the ovaries. Dearest: Thanks, Dr. Northrup.... SSlot, go ahead, please :) SStot: Does progesterone skin cream prevent uterine cancer like Provera does? Dr. Northrup: It depends upon the concentration of it. The over the counter Progest creams are not very strong. Dearest: Lori, go ahead, please :) Lori4hlth: My life is horribly stressful right now. I want to get off HRT and have tried for four days but am feeling very uptight and am wondering if I should taper off or not quit al all. Dr. Northrup: Don't try to get off HRT when you are under too much stress. It is best to give your adrenal glands and endocrine glands one thing to do at a time. Stay with HRT if it makes you feel well Dearest: SOOZY, please ask your question now. You're doing great, Chris :) (who'd have thought otherwise) :) Dr. Northrup: Thanks :) Dearest: Ladies, please have your questions ready for when you're called on. Thanks. Sun, go ahead. Sunxpress: Questions answered. Grin and bear it. Let the body do what it was made to do? Dearest: Sun, your question or comment please. Sunxpress: Yes. Listening to what she said about her mother - let the body do its own thing Dearest: Thanks, Sun :) Lynn, please go ahead with your question :) LynnCSE: Will you give an opinion on the use of testoserone IM for post menopausal inhibited sexual desire. Dr. Northrup: Natural testosterone in low doses prescribed for the individual can be extremely helpful Dearest: Judith, please go ahead :) JUDITH LEE: You're familiar with John Lee. Do you concur with his theories and practice of Natural progesterone? Dr. Northrup: Natural progesterone can be extremely helpful for many women but some women need estrogen too - so I think his case is a bit overstated. But I've learned a great deal from John and agree with much of what he has to teach. Dearest: Dr. Northrup, why do you suppose there's such a high incidence of panic attacks during menopause? Dr. Northrup: Because the kundalini energy rises in menopause and hits the heart chakra. Any unfinished business related to grief, sorrow, rage, will make itself known at menopause. That's why panic attacks are part of the body's wisdom - they cry out "What about me and my life" Dearest: Fascinating, thanks :) Pquiz, go ahead. Pguiz: Does chance of breast/ovarian ca increase during or after menopause because of estrogen imbalance? Dr. Northrup: These cancers are related to lifelong patterns that seem to peak around and a bit after menopause Dearest: Zmbz, go ahead. Zmbz: Is there an organization of women obgyn's? It seems like this would be helpful to all of us. Dr. Northrup: There is a women's division in the American College of OB/Gyn. There is also the American Medical Women's Association. There are also many fantastic male doctors doing good work. Dearest: Zmbz, check the Women's Health links on the Power Surge Web site , too. They're there. Cathy, go ahead. Cathy48120: How long does menopause really last? I'm 44 have been in it for 3 years coupled with Crohns. Dr. Northrup: It usually lasts 13 years or so WLVJean: Oh god Dearest: Oh god 2 SharonaR: ditto SGETT: auughh Dearest: Brigid, go ahead with your question. BrigidBNJ: Have breast cancer & chemopause. Am on tamoxifen. Can't have ERT. What can I do for hot flashes? Dr. Northrup: Try herbs such as Siberian Ginseng. Estriol can also be helpful and Vitamin E Dearest: Thanks, Dr. N :) Suzi, go ahead :) Suzijkel: I cannot take HRT (mom/sis breast ca) I worry about heart, thinning bones, thinning hair, etc.; I'm very careful about mammos. Why can't I take a low dose for some protection? Dr. Northrup: You can. There is no definitive proof that physiologic levels of ERT increase the risk for breast cancer. Dearest: DLnman, please go ahead. DInman1957: I'm 39 and have alot of spotting between periods, had alot of tests which showed nothing, could stress cause this? Dr. Northrup: Definitely. Blood is almost always related to family stress of "blood ties." Ring any bells? WRasmus306: for GYN exam, dr. wants to do sonogram due to wife's lower abdomen; says she can't find ovaries. wife worried sick about trumors./ what are chances? also, just on hrt. how about it? Dr. Northrup: Ovaries are often not felt on pelvic exam - not a cause for worry. DButler508: Why is the natural progesterone giving me yeast and what should Ido about it? Dr. Northrup: Are you taking it by mouth? DButler508: No cream Dr. Northrup: Try using acidophilus or another intestinal bioculture. Dearest: Where are you applying the cream? DButler508: Inner thighs, palms of hands and feet Dr. Northrup: Progesterone sometimes can relax the bowel and cause yeast overgrowth. Dearest: Thanks, Dr. N.... Whopee, go ahead. Whopeedoo: Am 49,perimenopausal, and I come down with terrible yeast infect, Dr's PooPoo me and give me cream. Dr. Northrup: You probably need more estrogen in the vaginal region. Estriol vaginal cream can be used to thicken the vaginal tissue and make the area much less susceptible to yeast. Whopeedoo: thank you! Dearest: Judith, go ahead :) JUDITH LEE: Have you changed any of you theories/practice since writing yourbook re: HRT, and do you prescribe natural or synthetics? Dr. Northrup: I no longer prescribe Premarin - and I almost never use Provera.Hormones that match the hormones in the female body are the best choices and I prescribe doses that are individualized. Dearest: Pquiz, please go ahead. Pguiz: Chakras and effects on health? Sounds a bit far fetched! Is there any real proof of connection? Dr. Northrup: Yes, there will be a book on this by my medical researcher MonaLisa Schulz, M.D. PhD Dearest: Lori, go ahead, please :) Lori4hlth: I read about a study in Norway (?) that found Provera increased Cancer. How do we get the more natural kind that you prescribe? Dr. Northrup: It will be available later this year from a major drug company but for right now you can get it from any formulary pharmacy via prescription. Dearest: Dr. Northrup, you talk about "visualization" in your book... and how women can reverse the various symptoms such as vaginal dryness and vaginal thinning.. can you elaborate on this, please? Dr. Northrup: If you can hold a thought for 20 seconds without contradicting it - and you can keep it positive and in the direction you want it to go it will usually manifest for you. But it's not easy because we're not trained to believe it. Dearest: Are you talking about self-hypnosis, too? Can you provide an example? Let's say for a hot flash? Dr. Northrup: If you simply observe your hot flashes without judgement and without 'tightening up" or saying "oh no" then you will find that they change and usually lessen. Dearest: Sounds similar to Dr. Claire Weekes' theories in re "floating" rather than fighting panic attacks. Dr. Northrup: Any technique you can use to align your mind with your endocrine system, immune system, and central nervous system will work to balance your hormones. Dearest: Excellent. Thank you :) ZJ, your go :) Z J Gragg: I started on ERT a few days after my hysterectomy on 12/4, skin and lubrication improving and hot flashes lessening except on 7 day of my Climera patch. Then hot flashes with anxiety tend to get the best of me. I'm on Vitamin E, is there anything else I can do? Dr. Northrup: Yes, you can change your patch earlier than day 7 - you need more hormone than you are getting on that last day. Zmbz: How can women best educate their doctors or help them be willing to read/learn about these things? Pguiz: Had radiation to pelvic area which threw me into menopause. Dr. Northrup: Go in to your doctor with an open heart and give her or him the benefit of the doubt. But if he or she won't listen to you then change doctors Dearest: Brigid, go ahead :) BrigidBNJ: What lifelong matters are associated with breast cancer around time of menopause? Dr. Northrup: Inability to fully express and release anger and move to forgiveness: unresolved grief staying in relationships that are not nurturing or supportive Dearest: Elliott, ask Dr. Northrup your question, please :) ELLIOTT53: I am 43,had hysterectomy last May, on Climara patch, heard vitamin E helpful, how so & how much ? Dr. Northrup: 100-800 IU twice per day. Dose varies. Start low and move up. Dearest: ABarn, please go ahead. Thank you :) ABarn13872: Should I take hormones, had partial hysterectomy 10 years ago Dr. Northrup: Depends on your hormone levels and how you are feeling. Some women need it and some don't. Get a salivary hormone profile Dearest: Tricia, go ahead, please :) TriciaToYu: Just turned 40. Having irregular periods...bad night sweats...a few flashes during the day...palpitations...does this sound like the pause to you. Go to Dr. on Monday....not sure what to expect.. mother went thru Dearest: Oops.. MLyn, your turn. MLynMonroe: 49 yr old, TAH/BSO 12 yrs ago..on Premarin 1.25 mg x12 yrs. What are risks? Went on Prozac 20 mg 5 years go.......is there any correlation between depression and hysterectomy?? Dr. Northrup: Yes there is but probably there is an underlying predisposition that the hysterectomy brings out. Dearest: Dr. Northrup, you've gone beyond 10:15.. and there are still questions. Are you able to take a few more questions, or shall we stop here? Dr. Northrup: I can give you 10 more minutes Dearest: Great.. thanks ever so much, Judith, go ahead :) JUDITH LEE: What is your opinion of long-term HRT, using natural progesterone & tri-est? or estradiol? Dr. Northrup: Depends on your constitution. I'd recommend a chinese herbalist. JUDITH LEE: and would you prescribe it transdermally or capsule? Dr. Northrup: Judith- that's not the answer to your question. Hold a minute - Long-term HRT using either triest or estradiol and progesterone can be very helpful as long as the dose is physiologic- and not too high. Too many women are on doses of hormones that are too high Dearest: Pquiz, you can go ahead now. Pguiz: Can't sleep at night? Can you suggest a natural way to help? Dr. Northrup: Try melatonin - low dose- Also sleep in a very dark room and get natural light during the day. Dearest: MBarr, go ahead. MBarr227: 51, have fibroids, heavy periods every 2 wks, don't want hysterectomy, anemic, no flashes. Mother on Ogen for 30 years. What to do? Dr. Northrup: Try vitamin A 10,000 I.U. per day along with B complex 50 mg. per day and Vit E 200 I.U. per day. Dearest: LPawel, go ahead. LPAWEL: I've read about joint pain during menopause and am now experiencing it in my knees from exercise. What causes it and what can be done for it? Dearest: Suzy, go ahead :) Suzy Q1152: I'm prone to bad moods, since hysto, had hormons tested, ok--What is the correct way to test for hormone and about the moods both? Dr. Northrup: You need to do a postmenopausal hormone panel - salivary - from Diagnostechs labs in Seattle Dearest: I'll pass.... Sheehan, go ahead :) SheehanPAB: have graves disease. took 9 months to get synthroid regulated. now have high cholestrol. My doctor wants to put me on chol. lowering meds. I hear the two don't mix well. thoughts? Dr. Northrup: Check your adrenal glands via a salivary cortisol and DHEA test. Have your doctor talk with Dr. Elias Ilya at DiagnosTechs labs about the relationship between the adrenals and thyroid. It's a key issue. Dearest: Great, Dr. N.... Peteo, go ahead :) Peteo25: Started DHEA for hot flashes & is working great (60 days now). What do you think of DHEA? Dr. Northrup: DHEA can be wonderful for many women - but start with low doses. It can make others get hyper at night, have hair growth on face, etc. Has to be individualized. Dearest: Sylvcrone, go ahead. Sylvrcrone: Can you explain the difference between phytoestrogens, e.g. soy, and (xenoextrogens) e.g. pesticides.. Dr. Northrup: Yes. Phytoestrogens refers to a weak estrogenic substance in plants that is beneficial to humans. Xenoestrogens such as in pesticides are much much stronger and are not metabolized normally in the body - so they can have very heavy-duty synthetic estrogen-like actions. Dearest: Thanks, Dr. N.... Ann, go ahead. Ann1ec: I'm very confused re: nutritional supplements...but believe they are important for me after reading your wonderful book.... can you suggest a good resource to help me learn what/how much to take? Where to find best kinds/brands? Thanks? Dearest: Yes, Ann.. the Power Surge newsletters in the Reading Room on the Web site :) Dr. Northrup: I also cover this in my newsletter - Health Wisdom For Women. The info is up on the Power Surge Web site Dearest: Dr. Northrup, thank you for spending this time with us in Power Surge tonight, and for so excellently fielding our questions about health, menopause and our *attitude* toward both. We hope you'll return to Power Surge again very soon. Everyone, do go out and buy Dr. Northrup's excellent book, Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom by Bantam. It's loaded with great info and ... wisdom and email me for info about how to get the newsletter. Let's all show our appreciation to Dr. Northrup for a wonderful and enlightening evening :) Dearest: Thanks so very much, Dr. Northrup Suzy Q1152: Thank you Zmbz: Thanks, we love you Chris N.!!! Sylvrcrone: Yes ...very helpful!! Sue Lacy: I learned alot tonight..thank-you Dr. Northrup SharonaR: Thank you GrnMgk: Thank You!!! SGETT: {{{{Dr Northrup}}}} Thanks for coming!!! Rabbit7442: Thanks. Ann1ec: Thank you so much, Dr. Northrup...Your book has changed my life....truly!!! JUDITH LEE: How does one get Power Surge News Letters? Dearest: Judith, the PS Newsletters are up in the Reading Room Pguiz: Thank you so much!!! WRasmus306: How do i get the doctor's newsletter??? JORI GIRL: Thank you ELLIOTT53: Thank you, learned alot SStot: Thanks Dr. Northrup: Thanks for this evening - it was fun! RCHCTH: Thank you Dr. Northrup, especially for your article on pap tests last June. JUDITH LEE: Super! Thanks Dearest JUDITH LEE: Dr. Northrup - thank you for coming to Power Surge! TISHWEAVER: ((((((((((((((((((((Dr Northrup)))))))))))))) Peteo25: Thank you Sleepylady: Dr. Northrup, I just wanted to say Hi, and to let you know who much you all to me. Z J Gragg: Thank you! Sherry1015: Thank you Dr. very informative, going to look for your book! WLVJean: It's been really interesting LPAWEL: Thank you. RGRSMTH: You were great - thanks so much. This group has the greatest guests thanks to Dearest Dearest: I always say - bring the best to the best :) MBarr227: Thank you very much RCHCTH: Please some back again. Sleepylady: Sorry hit wrong key, We all love you and your work in Whopeedoo: Thank you for all your very helpful info SharonaR: RW, probably address is in her book TISHWEAVER: Please come back for a second chat :) WLVJean: You did great, Dr. N GrnMgk: Dearest - How do I get a transcript of this? Thanks Dearest: GrnMgk, I edit and upload all guest chat logs to the Power Surge library on AOL and the File Library on the Web site :) Dearest: Chris, now that you've done your first online chat, how did you enjoy it? Dr. Northrup: It took some getting used to, but how I have the hang of it Biba12: Is this Power Surge? Sylvrcrone: I'm really glad i didn't miss this MLynMonroe: Perhaps we could send you our questions ahead of time next time to help you sort through. Roverrrr: Listened a lot - learned a lot -- Thx so much WLVJean: This is Power Surge, Biba Dearest: Yes, Biba ... this most definitely is Power Surge :) Goodnight all. Thank you for coming tonight. End of logged chat with guest, Dr. Christiane Northrup. Dearest aka Alice Stamm Power Surge Founder, Host, Facilitator E-mail Dearest Copyright©1994-1998 by Power Surge. All Rights Reserved.

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