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In Memory of Our
Friend, Vickie (Kalanie)  

Power Surge Memorial Chat For
Long-term Member And Beloved Friend,
Kalanie -- Vickie

Vivien "Vickie" Turnbow
7/05/48 -- 1/10/03
January 13, 2003
Dearest and Vickie's Friends

Kalanie / Vickie

Our Friend, Vickie

Dearest: This is a memorial service/chat for one or Power Surge's most beloved members, Kalanie, aka Vickie. We lost Vickie January 10, 2003 at the age of 54. Vickie had been recovering from knee surgery. Although she had developed an infection, she was improving and posted on our message boards the day before she was suddenly rushed to the hospital and died of an apparent infection. Vickie's passing was so unexpected, so untimely, so needless and terribly pointless. We're here in HONOR of Vickie, not in MEMORIAM because I know, for all of us, Vickie will never be gone. So many of us held her in such great esteem. So, tonight, we honor our friend and in my heart, and knowing Vickie as I had come to know her, she's watching over us . . . even now.

After you read the transcript, I've put up some pictures of our Vickie.

Dearest: I would hope this won't be a sad gathering, but in the spirit of what and who Vickie always represented to us, a gathering of friends sharing our individual experiences with and memories of how she touched our lives. I believe in my heart that Vickie would want it to be that way -- to celebrate her life. I remembered a message I once posted on the Spirit, Sound & Affirmations Board. I think this is so befitting of what we all felt and will always feel about Vickie . . .

Some People ... Some people come into our lives and quickly go Some people move our souls to dance They awaken us to new understanding With the passing whisper of their wisdom Some people make the sky more beautiful To gaze upon They stay in our lives for a while Leave footprints in our hearts ... And we are never the same -- Anonymous
GGc0ok: I believe that I'm early, I will come back in a few minutes JudyAnn: HI Everyone this is so sad SturdyWoman: Hi JudyAnn, such a shock. Hi Grace Grace: Hi, Sturdy. We are a little early. I didn't know how long it would take to get here SturdyWoman: Me too Grace: I guess I will just hang out a few minutes JudyAnn: Yeah I really didnt know her but felt like I knew her what a sweet lady SturdyWoman: I was afraid I wouldnt be able to get on so id rather be early JudyAnn: This is a nice thing Dearest is doing for her Grace: Vickie posted on the Weight, diet and fitness board she just posted last week too yes...she always had nice things to say. I am glad Dearest is doing this. JudyAnn: Yes she did Grace: I told the family I needed the computer at 9, so do what you have to do early. Hi, Mrs MrsUnderstood: HI Grace, I'm Helen. HI Judyann and Sturdy. Grace: Nice to meet you Helen SturdyWoman: These boards will miss her presence. I know I'll miss her posts I look forward to them Hi MrsUnderstood Grace: same here sturdy. Hi, Honey honeylee: Hi Grace JudyAnn: Hi mrs understood Grace: oh...I should have done a potty run before I came here...BRB SylvryMoon: Hi Helen SturdyWoman: Helen is way earier to type SylvryMoon: Hi Grace MrsUnderstood: HI Honey. Hi Carol glad to see you were able to be here. Grace: Hi, sylvry..brb SylvryMoon: I wouldn't miss it, Helen. honeylee: Hi Helen JudyAnn: Its very sad SylvryMoon: ((((Mary))))) SturdyWoman: HI Mary MrsUnderstood: Hi MaryO PatC: Hello Mary JudyAnn: Hi MaryO honeylee: Hi Mary PatC: Evening Ladies MrsUnderstood: HI Pat SylvryMoon: Hi Pat JudyAnn: Hi PatC SturdyWoman: HI Pat honeylee: Hi everyone JudyAnn: Hi PatC MaryO: Hi, everyone! SylvryMoon: Hi Mary! PatC: Someone on the Insta-chat is having trouble getting in I'm going to check SylvryMoon: Hi Nancy MaryO: I know. I was just talking to her NancyV: Hi Sylvry! SturdyWoman: Hi nancy MaryO: I think she had signed up for a name in here before and doesn't remember that she has a password NancyV: Hi Sturdy! Grace: Back..Hi Mary MaryO: What kind of question, Honey? SylvryMoon: (((((Barbie)))))) PatC: OK. That makes sense MrsUnderstood: Hi Barbie. SylvryMoon: (((((Kate))))) MaryO: Hi Barbie, Hi Kate MrsUnderstood: Hi Kate. Athena: Hello SylvryMoon: ((((((Alice)))))) MaryO: Hiya Dearest :) JudyAnn: Hi Kate Grace: Hello, Dearest MrsUnderstood: Hi Dearest :) PatC: Hello Alice, Barbie, Kate SturdyWoman: Hello Dearest &minou JudyAnn: Hi Kate How are you dr I trust and just want to know if I'm weird I guess JudyAnn: Hi Dearest SylvryMoon: Hi GG !! MaryO: Hiya GG!!! You did it :) Grace: Why, honey? PatC: Hi GGcOok - Glad you made it! Dearest: Hello, everyone. It's always wonderful to see you -- I'm just sorry we had to get together under these circumstances. Athena: I was thinking the same there Grace: WE feel the same way Dearest GGc0ok: Hi roomies, yes I did make it thank you SylvryMoon: We are here to celebrate what a wonderful woman Vickie was, and how much she meant to us. Thank you for having this chat, Alice. SturdyWoman: IM glad we are together GGc0ok: Indeed she taught me so much Grace: And always with the kind words minou: Hi Everyone!!!! Grace: She knew how to make you feel special too Hi Minou MaryO: true SylvryMoon: Hi Kate!! JudyAnn: Hi Kate GGc0ok: I've been away, not on so much these last months, I needed to reread alot of posts, she never ever said a bad word about anyone Dearest: I'd like to do one thing before we start celebrating Vickie.. if you'd all pay attention for a minute. Grace: ok Athena: seems so unreal as if any moment she could just pop in to say hi Oh, I wrote Eileen and she emailed me back, but I haven't been on the boards so don't know if posted. She was very upset MaryO: Yes, she did, Barbie JudyAnn: Hi nancy Dearest: Even though I don't think this should be a sad, sad chat ... I think we should all take one minute in memory and prayer for Vickie so she knows we've gathered together for her. Okay? minou: So good to see you Sylvry!! and Judyann I'm fine! I'm working now (with a student) so can't really participate but am going to be here just the same! GGc0ok: listening Dearest Dearest: Please read above pookie: hello JudyAnn SylvryMoon: OK JudyAnn: ok Dearest: Please begin a moment of silence now - say anything you'd like to yourself. I'll let you know when the chat will continue after that. ::::::::::::::::: A MOMENT OF SILENCE FOR OUR BELOVED FRIEND, Vickie ::::::::::::::::::::: Ok... and somehow I feel that Vickie is with us - watching over us. Don't you? GGc0ok: Amen MaryO: oh, yes! SylvryMoon: Yes, she is here with us, Alice. Grace: You bet Dearest SturdyWoman: hope so JudyAnn: Yes MaryO: Hi Hedda, and Sleepless HSpec: amen pookie: yes she is. HSpec: hi everyone SturdyWoman: hi SylvryMoon: Hi Hedda Grace: Hello, Hedda' Sleepless: hi everyone Athena: Hi Hedda, good to see you PatC: Definitely, Dearest Dearest: Why don't we go down the list and each say something about Vickie, okay? SylvryMoon: Hi Sleepless HSpec: syl--so very good to see you Dearest: We'll do it in order, sound good? SylvryMoon: sounds good Athena: first? GGc0ok: yes sounds good HSpec: yes Dearest Grace: OK...sounds good Dearest: I think my name is first :) Grace: bye honey Dearest: When one finishes, the next on the list will go. GGc0ok: ok Athena: Yes, sorry course you are Dearest: Ok.. I'll start... pookie: girls I cant stay, just wanted you all to know im here to share with you all. HSpec: be safe and be well pookie Grace: bye pookie pookie: bye girls. Dearest: I just want to say that in my heart I know Vickie is still here. When I think of Vickie, I think of sunshine. I think of kindness and wisdom and selflessness. I'm so glad that I was privileged to know her in this lifetime. Godspeed, Vickie, dear friend. (finished). Next.. Mary. MaryO: I remember Vickie as someone warm, friendly and kind who always offered help to anyone else in need, without thinking of her own needs first. Dearest: Barbie? MaryO: Hi, (((Eileen))) Athena: A friend, cheerful, enthusiastic, caring, everything good. GGc0ok: Vickie= What a true human being should be, never judgemental, always listening with an open heart Dearest: (For those who came in late, each person on the list (alphabetically) is sharing her thoughts about Vickie EileenG: Hi Mary and everyone! SylvryMoon: (((Eileen))) GGc0ok: Sorry I goofed, was under Athnena then got downlisted Dearest: Deb, your turn to share some thoughts about Vickie with us. That's ok, GG. debrikkia: Vickie was a woman who was always there for everyone--not just those she knew well. She always had words of inspiration, regardless of what was happening in her life. Rest, dear Vickie. Dearest: Thanks, Deb. Eileen, go ahead with your thoughts. EileenG: I am still shellshocked over everything. I just loved Vicki so much. she was a true soulmate to me. We bonded over having grandkids --then moved on from there to be dear friends. I will miss her so much! That's all for now Grace: Vickie always had the nicest things to say and made me feel special with her last post on the Weight, diet fitness board. I will think of her as a guardian angel looking down on us all. Dearest: Thanks, Eileen. Go ahead, GG Oops.. we lost GG.. Grace, go ahead now and if GG comes back, we'll get to her later. MaryO: GG already said something, too Grace: sorry already sent it Dearest: Oh, ok... Hedda? Your thoughts? HSpec: I always felt Vickie's smile, warmth love and hugs shining in her words to all us all. shalom Dearest Vickie. sorry for the terrible grammar Dearest: Thanks, Hedda. All of everyone's thoughts are just beautiful and I know Vickie is hearing everything we're all saying :) Judyann, go ahead, please. JudyAnn: SHE WAS A SWEET AND CARING PERSON.SHE CARED ABOUT EVERY ONE Dearest: Beautiful. Thank you, JudyAnn. Kate, go ahead, please. minou: I remember Vickie for her sense of humor and her love of her family and pets, and how fun it was to chat with her:-)and how much she gave of herself to everyone ... Dearest: For those who just came in, we're each sharing our thoughts about Vickie in alphabetical order on the list on the side of the page. Kate, did you have more to say? You had ... after your comment. minou: No Dearest, I'm through Dearest: Might be a good idea to have your comments typed and ready to go just like in the guest chats. Okay, Kate. Thanks. Helen, go ahead with yours :) MrsUnderstood: I am thankful to have had these months of sharing experiences and thoughts with Vickie. I will miss her. Dearest: Yes, we all will. Thanks. Nancy, your turn. NancyV: She knew how to validate and hear your concerns....really caring. And could talk about anything with ease. She made a big deal of my periods being over which made me feel special. She was very special. Dearest: Geeze, Mary, what's wrong with me? You're right after me and I forgot. I'm so sorry, my friend. Go ahead, Mary, please. Don't be mad at me.. this is a difficult chat. Lovely, Nancy. Thank you. MaryO: I already said mine I remember Vickie as someone warm, friendly and kind who always offered help to anyone else in need, without thinking of her own needs first. Dearest: That's my girl.. always ready with her copy and paste :) Beautiful, Mary. Thanks. PAT, go ahead, please. MaryO: then, I said GA :) Dearest: :) PatC: I know a lot of you were closer to Vickie than I, but I've read many of her posts in the last few days. She always offered a warm welcome. Her posts show how important her family was to her. I will always remember her as a very warm loving person, who embodies the community spirit of Power-Surge. Dearest: So true. Beautiful. Thank you, Pat. Robin, go ahead, please :) (I still don't believe we're even here for this) <shaking head> MaryO: who does :( Dearest: Robin, would you like to share your thoughts about Vickie? Robin: having problems with the computer Dearest: Ok, Robin.. we'll come back to you later if you want. GG, you fell out of the room before. Would you like to say something now? GGc0ok: when everyone has spoken, may we ask a question Dearest: Of course.. we'll chat openly when everyone has said something personal. gjames99: I didn't know her but from what every one says she must have been a wonderful woman. She must have been since she touched all of you so very much. I am very sorry for your loss GGc0ok: ok, thank you Dearest: Thank you, gj. GG, are you going to share your thoughts about Vickie? GGc0ok: I did up there just before I fell out, but I can repeat it, she was what a true human being is suppose to be, EileenG: I'm so worried about Monique.(her daughter) What a loss for her. She is the light of Vicki's life! The Grandkids too! Dearest do you know how Riley is coping? I know he loved his "gamma". MaryO: GGc0ok had said: Vickie= What a true human being should be, never judgemental, always listening with an open heart EileenG: Sorry! Dearest: Beautiful, GG. Thanks. Sleepless, would you like to share your thoughts about Vickie? Sleepless: Thanks for all the help and inspiration, Vickie you will always be in my memories. Dearest: One minute, Eileen.. let's just finish this part. bikearoux: hi everyone EileenG: sorry! Dearest: Thanks, Sleepless... Barbara/Sturdy, would you like to go now? SturdyWoman: Kalanie was the first to answer my 1st post, she said she loved my name she assured me I was in the right place & I would be OK ... I believed her & have been so grateful that I did! Thanks Vickie for everything... Dearest: Beautiful, thanks, Barbara :) Carol/Sylvry, go ahead and share your thoughts, please. SylvryMoon: She was a friend to me, and to everyone. Vickie offered me kind words, helped me with my personal problems, and my cats' sibling rivalry. She made me smile and soothed my tears. Rest in peace, sweet Vickie. I will miss you. GA Aunt: Hello Dearest: Thanks, Carol. Beautiful. wi, is that you wishing? MaryO: Hi, Aunt Aunt: I am so sorry about Vickie Dearest: We're going down the list. I'll get back to the names that came in after we started. wi: yes--Kalanie always had a smile in her voice--a very clear voice Dearest: Thanks, Wishing :) Bike, would you like to share your thoughts about Vickie? We're going to archive this chat because I know Vickie will be there reading the transcript :) HSpec: and adding her comments I'm sure Aunt: Dearest thank you for the picture of Vickie. It was nice to see what she looked like. Such a lovely woman Dearest: I'm sure :) GGc0ok: lol bikearoux: yes I think she was a sweet and kind person and is watching us now Dearest: Thanks, Bike. Aunt, would you like to go ahead with your thoughts about Vickie? Aunt: I have not posted in so long, but, I did not forget her. She was always so caring. Always knew exactly what to say. She made me feel good many a times. Dearest: Very true, Aunt. Sandra, would you like to share your thoughts now? We're each sharing our thoughts about Vickie - going down the list alphabetically. If you came in late, we'll get to you, too. (Aunt, is that you, Aunt B? Beryl?) Sandra, go head, please. Aunt: It sure is, Dearest. Dearest: So glad you're here, Beryl :) Aunt: I am too. Dearest: I'm assuming Sandra is typing sandra47: I did not know Vickie long or very well. we did exchange messages about Raspberry Tea, and our conversation was pleasant. Unfortunatley I am learning more about her now that she is gone. And I am sorry for that, we take so much for granted. Dearest: Thanks, Sandra :) AtinaLee, would you like to say something about Vickie? AtinaLee: Yes Dearest: We're almost finished with our personal comments. sandra47: Does amyone know what was the significance of "Kalanie" was that a nickname? Dearest: Go ahead then, Atina One moment, Sandra. AtinaLee: I have trouble with posting here Dearest: Well, we can see what you typed just fine. Why not type a line about your experiences with or memories of Vickie (Kalanie). AtinaLee: Vickie meant so much to me. I met her on the itching board. She helped me get in touch with Pete Dearest: Thanks, Atina. fireonthemtn, you came in late. Would you like to share some thoughts about Vickie? AtinaLee: We then talked on the boards every day Dearest: Wonderful fireonthemtn: I knew Vickie for about a year. She was just an angel with Such heart and a wonderful sense of humor Dearest: Yes, so very true. Have I missed anyone? fireonthemtn: she got us all through some very trying times and it is unbelievable to us that she is gone Dearest: Thank you, fire :) Did anyone not get a turn? fireonthemtn: and Dearest, thank you so much for the marvelous way you have handled this Aunt: Oh yes SylvryMoon: I agree HSpec: Dearest, because of you we got to know Vickie. thank you for enabling her to touch our lives sandra47: I agree .... this is extremely thoughtful debrikkia: Here Here! Aunt: And how are you doing Dearest? Dearest: fire, to be honest, this is one of the hardest things I've ever done. In 9 years of running Power Surge, we have never lost a friend, especially such a beloved one. fireonthemtn: you have helped us all so much by letting us talk, sharing conversations and pictures... thank you!!! Robin: I really never got to know Vickie but can see that she was a wonderful person and will be greatly missed MaryO: For sure! GGc0ok: Does anyone know what she died from? She seemed to be getting better from what I've read, was it the infection that came back? Aunt: It looks like she may have developed a blood clot from her surgery. Dearest: Aunt, I'm doing just the same as you're all doing - just confused and overwhelmed and it doesn't get easier Everyone.. go ahead and chat now, please. HSpec: be safe and be well Vickie be safe and be well all EileenG: I apologize for butting in before. I accidentally hit" enter" before I meant to. I'm not feeling like myself today! I still feel in shock over Vicki's death. Athena: leaving Hedda, same to you. SylvryMoon: Sandra -- "Kalanie" was the name of her beloved Siamese Cat - who is now reunited with Vickie in heaven. Dearest: Are you leaving, Hedda? HSpec: yes debrikkia: sandra--Vickie said that she used to have a favorite cat named Kalanie MaryO: Night, Hedda PatC: Good Night Hedda Dearest: Thanks for coming, Hedda :) Thanks for sharing. HSpec: love and hugs SylvryMoon: Night Hedda Athena: I felt worried about writing to you, Eileen, I should have written to ask if you were okay today. GGc0ok: Eileen you speak like I feel as well, thats ok, I've goofed too SturdyWoman: nite hedda sandra47: Thank you ... that is so touching MaryO: And she'd lived in Hawaii - that name sounds Hawaiian SylvryMoon: yes it does, Mary Dearest: Who? Aunt: Vickie was from Hawaii? GGc0ok: yes it does Athena: you know I always meant to ask what it meant EileenG: Oh Barbie! You are such a sweetie. Thank-you for your email. I know that was hard! debrikkia: It is Hawaiian--but I forgot what she said it meant MaryO: She lived there for a few years Robin: is anyone else having a problem with the chatspaceand connecting SylvryMoon: LOL Dearest - "Kalanie" - Vickie's screen name - was the name of her Siamese cat GGc0ok: I did in the beginning Robin, now its fine Aunt: Where was she living? Dearest: Eileen, I was going to Email you, but Barbie and I spoke about it the other night and we agreed it would be best for her to contact you. Athena: I can't see you Eileen, but I could just "see" your reaction MaryO: I don't know - she'd talked with Lolly about it on the board about Starting the day Dearest: I know, Carol :) SylvryMoon: ((((Irene)))) Grace: Hello, Irene... SylvryMoon: :) PatC: Hello Irene EileenG: Thanks Dearest. I felt all you ladies love and care. It means the world to me. bikearoux: I had a problem getting on the message boards earlier Robin IreneCrites: Hello everyone Aunt: Hi Irene, no time MaryO: I'm not familiar with Hawaii, so places wouldn't stick with me Dearest: Irene.. we've each just shared our thoughts about Vickie. Would you like to add something of your own? MrsUnderstood: Hi Irene. sandra47: When is her funeral? IreneCrites: Yes :) Dearest: They're working on the arrangements now. George, her husband, and Monique. Today they had an autopsy. Good lord GGc0ok: she had two daughters yes? Dearest: I can't believe the words SylvryMoon: Oh God MaryO: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwww :( debrikkia: I just looked Kalanie up on a Hawaiian site--it says it means "the sky: chieftain! IreneCrites: Vickie and I have known each other on the boards for a longtime. Dearest: Yes, she did have two daughters SylvryMoon: Thanks, Deb MaryO: has the other one looked in on the boards? Do you know? GGc0ok: oh wow deb the sky,,,,,,,,,,,,yes thats Vickie IreneCrites: We shared stories about grandchildren and had lots of fun comparing notes MaryO: neat definition - thanks Deb! Dearest: Vickie was with Power Surge on AOL before we had the Web message boards. debrikkia: Fitting definition! Aunt: How old was Vickie Dearest: 554 MaryO: 54 Dearest: ugh 54 MaryO: sheesh, Dearest! Dearest: Wish it would've been 554 SylvryMoon: Didn't Vickie live in Washington State? Anyone know what city/town? EileenG: Irene-- I know you were a dear friend to Vickie! Dearest: Yes, Edmonds, WA SylvryMoon: Thanks, Alice IreneCrites: However during my travails with *Dental Woes* is when we really became close * Aunt (Plays Sound: cuckoo.wav) Dearest?????????? Dearest: I have the address if anyone wants it Btw... debrikkia: Never tell Dearest how old you are--she will exaggerate--sorry, on the lighter side there! Dearest: I am going to be sending something to her family from Power Surge. fireonthemtn: Eileen - it is so good to see you here! I always met Vickie and you dear women like spirits in space on these internet boards..i think I imagined that we were all immortal souls!!..I read that Vickie was a therapist. Is that true? Dearest: Now, Deb, be nice :) JudyAnn: yes THIS WAY WE CAN SEND HER FAMILY CARDS Aunt: You are just too sweet Dearest Athena: She told us so much about where she lived in Seattle MaryO: oh, how nice - very thoughtful, Dearest :) SylvryMoon: Alice - thank you so much for sending something to her family. I'd also like to send a card. Dearest: Email me and I'll send you her address - debrikkia: :( JudyAnn: OK MaryO: I got a card yesterday. Still need to send it out IreneCrites: Vickie helped me with my anxiety about dental work both on the boards and via E-Mail SylvryMoon: OK EileenG: Yes, Fire. she gave me alot of great advise! I'm glad you are here too! sandra47: I thought I read in one of her post, she had only 1 child SylvryMoon: I remember that, Irene. Dearest: I was thinking of a beautiful fruit basket with other things in it as well. I saw something gorgeous on the Harry and David site. Do you think that's appropriate? Athena: she never spoke of any other child JudyAnn: YES GGc0ok: yes, Dearest: Yes, she had another daughter SturdyWoman: sounds good Dearest SylvryMoon: Oh, yes, that's a wonderful gift. Fruit baskets are very appropriate, and her family will appreciate it so much. fireonthemtn: that would be so lovely, Dearest! Aunt: Yes Dearest debrikkia: Very appropriate! MaryO: Yes, I think that sounds perfect Athena: really, I didn't know that NancyV: Very nice idea IreneCrites: we compared notes...I shared my Holistic Dentistry research with her about the "Smile Method" to treat periodontal disease among other things MrsUnderstood: That's a nice gift. Grace: Yes...we got fruit baskets after funerals...very appreciated EileenG: Yes, Dearest. Where can we send you our donation to it? fireonthemtn: yes, I would like to send a donation too - can we do that? Grace: Yes..I would like to send a donation too Dearest: Course, if it were me, I'd love to get a basket of bagels and lox from Zabars.. but who knows if everyone likes bagels and lox :) MaryO: good question, Eileen debrikkia: Food goes to good use--flowers don't! SylvryMoon: LOL Dearest debrikkia: YUM!! MaryO: and so many people are allergic to the flowers :( fireonthemtn: big smile , Dearest! Grace: Might not ship well Dearest Dearest: No donations are necessary. I will pick up the tab on behalf of Power Surge IreneCrites: Vickie was a dear friend and confidant for me and I hope I was for her as well GGc0ok: thank you Dearest MaryO: that's not necessary, Dearest PatC: I think the basket is very thoughtful debrikkia: BAGELS< LOX, CREAM CHEESE EileenG: Oh Dearest -- We'd all be glad to help! PatC: (I love bagels, lox, and cream cheese!) MaryO: I wouldn't mind chipping in at all SylvryMoon: yes, Alice, we'd all be happy to chip in SturdyWoman: thank you Dearest debrikkia: Me either JudyAnn: ME EITHER nel: That sounds like a great idea, bagels and cream cheese Dearest: I know, Mary, but it's okay. I will add everyone's name who was in here tonight, too. fireonthemtn: how old is Monique? does anyone know? EileenG: Food --the great comforter! IreneCrites: Eileen how are you tonight? GGc0ok: Eileen your right Dearest: I'm not sure, Fire.. late 20's? Aunt: You are just too much Dearest. I am going to cry. JudyAnn: THANK YOU Dearest MaryO: still, you shouldn't have to foot the bill for this, too Athena: that's nice, bagels are less informal Aunt: Just too many emotions tonight. IreneCrites: and Fire and Sylvry MaryO: but thank you :) Dearest: Judy, I would say my pleasure, but there's no pleasure in this :( JudyAnn: I KNOW nel: does Vickie have any other children besides Monique? Dearest: This has been a grueling experience for all of us. EileenG: Thanks for asking Irene! I'm doing ok. still can't believe this has happened. How are you? SylvryMoon: Irene, I'm fine. Just very sad. But very glad to be here sharing memories of Vickie. Thank you for asking. MaryO: boy, that's for sure :( JudyAnn: MAYBE EVERYONE CAN SEND HER FAMILY A CARD Athena: but it's very thoughtful and her it will make her family feel good to know just how much we cared for her. GGc0ok: the pages that the prayers are on, the music that you put to it, just is heart wrenching, so appropriate Dearest fireonthemtn: fine, Irene.... just amazed at how devastating this is for me and all of us... so glad we can be together here Grace: ok Dearest IreneCrites: I'm very sad like all of you but very comforted to have all of you here fireonthemtn: I love the picture you posted of her, Dearest... it's my computer wall paper now.... I send her family prayers every time I see it Dearest: Mary? debrikkia: BEAUTIFUL woman!! SylvryMoon: It's a beautiful picture. IreneCrites: What a great idea fire MaryO: yes? Dearest: David's cell phone just called mine. LOL MaryO: LOLOL Athena: there was one picture, then you changed it didn't you? Dearest: Unreal nel: Vickie was one of our dental woes group, and I enjoyed her so much. NancyV: She will be so missed Dearest: Yes, Barbie. I Like the current picture better fireonthemtn: she got us through ALOT MaryO: better than mine calling IreneCrites: She sure was one of the dental groupies Athena: answer your phone!!!!! SylvryMoon: I was comforted to read George's comments that the kitties are doing fine. I'm sure they miss her so much too. IreneCrites: She's the one who brought the whoopie cushion EileenG: We were so lucky to know this beautiful spirit! fireonthemtn: LOL yes she did! Dearest: Barbie, my brother's cell phone calls me even when he doesn't. Mary's cell phone calls me and mine calls Mary even when WE don't! MaryO: Barbie, sometimes, Dearest gets calls from phones...the phones auto dial her number, no people on the other end Aunt: Who is David Dearest: David is my brother EileenG: Hi David! SylvryMoon: spooky phones! Aunt: Oh O.K. Athena: you know she must have been a great therapist, if there's one post I remember (or part of it) in particular it was this: Dearest: Who looks just like Tom Selleck. Eat your heart's out :) MaryO: Mine is even a new one - the other one did, too Grace: crazy is wonderful EileenG: Ooooh David! Aunt: Really!!!!!!!!!! Lolly: aloha everyone, sorry im late Dearest: Aloha, Lolly Grace: Hello, Lolly IreneCrites: Hi Lolly SturdyWoman: hi lolly MaryO: Hi (((Lolly))) SylvryMoon: Hi Lolly JudyAnn: HI LOLLY EileenG: Go ahead Athena! PatC: hi Lolly MrsUnderstood: Hi Lolly Lolly: hi, go on Athena, didnt mean to interrupt! Athena: she said "support doesn't always look like support", it was when we were talking about anxiety and drugs and that kind of thing. I thanked her for something she said (sort of between the lines) GGc0ok: Lolly, I don't think we've met, hello my name is GG and please to know you, unfortunately under these circumstances SylvryMoon: What did that mean to you, Barbie? Dearest: Vickie was a very wise woman, Barbie. Athena: no, never mind, I was trying to remember where it was actually. EileenG: Oh Barbie! Lolly: nice to meet you too, I've seen your posts Athena: that she was, no doubt MrsUnderstood: Thanks Barbie. It shows Vickie's wisdom. nel: Vickie posted on the dental group just hours before she passed away. Can't believe what could have happened. Lolly: Vickie was first one to email me, welcome me. We had Hawaii in common Athena: well I'm not telling it too clear, but she gave advice in such a special way, sort of without telling you what to do, suggesting it as if it was for another person. fireonthemtn: Vickie would have just loved this....our getting all together to share, I mean... she always kept everyone straight too! she must have talked to tons of us!!!!!! Athena: does that sound clearer? GGc0ok: her name Lolly, it meant Sky? yes SylvryMoon: Yes EileenG: I think Vicki was a person who could say things bluntly and you could still see how much love was there. Lolly: yes yes,. thats a special gift, for sure SylvryMoon: Very, very true, Eileen. Her emails to me were full of "tough Love'" - - but it WAS love!! EileenG: She always made each of us feel like we were special to her IreneCrites: Gentle bluntness Athena: you were Eileen NancyV: That is so true Eileen SylvryMoon: Eileen, I believe we WERE special to her!! Aunt: How long had Vickie been on the boards EileenG: Oh you guys -- I'm crying again. I just love you all so much! SylvryMoon: ((((Eileen)))) Athena: 2 years + or - fireonthemtn: ditto Eileen!!! big hug Athena: moreorless I mean Grace: It is amazing how close we all get here IreneCrites: we love you too Eileen Lolly: its ok to cry......embrace the emotion and it flow through you, Dearest: No, Athena... she was with Power Surge for about 5 years. EileenG: yes, huge hugs all around! fireonthemtn: it's SCARY!!! Grace Dearest: On America Online before the Web boards. nel: It would be nice to have sort of a reunion sometime. Athena: I stand (sit) corrected :-) MaryO: :) IreneCrites: Barbie you can lay down if you want to just nknow you were corrected. LOL Dearest: Lots of those on the Web site don't know Power Surge has been on AOL since 1993 GGc0ok: thank you Dearest for this opportunity of letting us comfort one another, say words of our Vickie, I appreciate all that you have done for the PS family nel: to get together and meet everyone in person Dearest: Thank you, GG, for your kind words. SturdyWoman: she devoted alot of time here SylvryMoon: I agree with GG, Alice. JudyAnn: Dearest THANK YOU FOR THIS CHAT IT WAS VERY SWEET OF YOU Athena: Irene!!!! not too good at positions I'm afraid!! IreneCrites: Hahahaha Dearest: You're most welcome - I would have rather we didn't have to have it :( Aunt: Dearest, can you lead us in a special prayer for Vickie, our beloved friend? Lolly: this is a wonderful thing MaryO: of course :( Athena: I'm distracting a bit so we won't feel so sad and shocked GGc0ok: I must leave now, love to all my prayers to Vickie and family goodnight fireonthemtn: I want to say it one more time, Dearest.... this is just wonderful.... not knowing at first what happened was so hard... you made it easier on everyone by informing us with the banner and the prayer board! BLESS YOU!!! IreneCrites: Night GG Lolly: aloha GG MaryO: Nel, we've talked about that from time to time, but it never seems to happen night, GG Grace: good night.. SturdyWoman: nite gg nel: Bye everyone SylvryMoon: Alice, this must have been very difficult for you - you and Vickie were so close - thank you for bringing us together tonight in Vickie's memory. MaryO: night, Nel SturdyWoman: bye PatC: Bye Nel Dearest: You're all welcome EileenG: bye GG --Sturdywoman, nel Athena: I think it's been pretty positive this get together and the instant chat cos we needed to talk, Grace: Yes, thankyou Dearest Dearest: Aunt, we started off with a moment of silence. PatC: Bye Sturdy MaryO: who'd have ever guessed that there would be a chat like this? :( NancyV: Thank you she is looking down and smiling...:) minou: Dearest, I've been here but working. I'm through now. Kept an eye on the computer the hole time. Thank you for the beautiful get together in memory of Vickie Aunt: I am sorry I was late EileenG: Yes, Barbie I agree IreneCrites: Night sturdy Dearest: Oh, I know she is, Nancy. I can feel her presence all around SturdyWoman: im cant leave yet Grace: Good night all...prayers to all... Athena: night sturdy PatC: good night Grace MaryO: night, Grace - take care Dearest: Night, Grace, Night Sturdy. minou: (((Sylvry, I've missed you))) EileenG: Mary -- yea-- would would have ever guessed! SylvryMoon: Night Grace. Lolly: aloha grace Grace: nite, pat. Hugs Dearest fireonthemtn: Blessing to all of you! I must leave too...... EileenG: night Grace MaryO: never in a zillion years SylvryMoon: ((((Kate))))) thank you, I've missed you too. How are Bud and Lea? Grace: Nite sylvry minou: and Judy Ann too! IreneCrites: Night Grace Grace: Hugs, Irene MaryO: Night, Fire, you take care, too EileenG: bye Fire! See you on the dental board? Grace: Mary...take care.. minou: They're wonderful and your two, how are they??? IreneCrites: Night fire MaryO: thanks, Grace SylvryMoon: Olivia and Sacchi - they're fine, and driving me crazy. fireonthemtn: you bet Eileen - night all! minou: I bet:-)) I hope all is well!!!! Athena: everyone goes on the boards with different frequencies, but when it's someone who is so constant, it's makes it all the harder. Dearest: Night, Fire. IreneCrites: Sylvry I have missed you...its been too long NancyV: Good night everyone...this was a wonderful tribute to Vickie... EileenG: Sylvery sweetie -- hope you're hanging in? MaryO: night, Nancy minou: JudyAnn, how is everything? Dearest: Night, Nancy. Thanks for coming. PatC: Good Nigh Nancy IreneCrites: Nancy so glad you ere here JudyAnn: OK SturdyWoman: Im not ready to go yet SylvryMoon: ((((Irene)))) thank you, I've missed you, too. It's hard to have an event like Vickie's passing bring me back here. EileenG: Nancy night night minou: Sylvry, come around more!!! SylvryMoon: Eileen - yup, I'm hanging in. ;) IreneCrites: Well the important thing is that you are here. MaryO: No one's forcing you, Sturdy :) Athena: yep, look what it takes to get us together Dearest: Why should an event like Vickie's passing bring you back - why did you leave? SylvryMoon: Kate, I will. JudyAnn: MY DAUGHTERS CANCER CAME BACK AND ON TOP OF IT SHE NOW HAS PRE LEUKEMIA Dearest: You were so active on the boards - then that thing with Boni and Arlean and you go, too. EileenG: Yes, this is the pits! Sylvery how is work going? SturdyWoman: I know thanks Mary MaryO: oh, no, Judy :( Lolly: ohhh noo SylvryMoon: Alice, I don't know really. Just not spending as much time on the computer. MaryO: I'm so sorry Dearest: Oh, God, Judy. So sorry :( Aunt: Oh my Judy Lolly: ohh JudyAnn, so sorry PatC: I'm sorry to hear that Judy JudyAnn: ONE DAY AT A TIME SylvryMoon: So sorry to hear that Judy MrsUnderstood: I'm sorry Judy MaryO: (((Judy))) IreneCrites: Oh Judy how terrible JudyAnn: THANK YOU EVERYONE minou: JudyAnn! I'm so sorry too!!! Aunt: My prayers are with you Judy SylvryMoon: Eileen, work is great - another new job - left the job that had me back & forth to Hong Kong. EileenG: So sorry Judy! Dearest: I will pray for your daughter, Judy :( minou: ((((JudyAnn)))) JudyAnn: Thank you Athena: that's so upsetting but don't lose hope. minou: Me too JudyAnn! MaryO: and I will, too Aunt: That is right, never lose hope EileenG: Oh wow, Sylvery -- I didn't know that! Are you happier? JudyAnn: thanks every body SylvryMoon: Much, much happier. Much much more sane! Dearest: Judy, hopefully, everything will turn out okay. You must think positively EileenG: Good for you, sylvery! Aunt: Sylvry I have not been posting much lately either. JudyAnn: I hope so Lolly: good deal sylvry, my hubby had a job like that, travelled all the time, made megabucks, gave it all up minou: JudyAnn, I hope you're handling it okay. I know you have a heavy load! and a big household! Lolly: couldn't do it anymore JudyAnn: yes I am ok SylvryMoon: ((((Judy))))) prayers to you and your daughter. JudyAnn: thank you Dearest: I think sometimes we need to walk away from something for a while and then come back - it's different for every woman on Power Surge SylvryMoon: Lolly, yes, sometimes we have to make difficult choices to preserve our sanity and our lives. JudyAnn: it sure is minou: Lolly, I miss Hawaii. I lived there over 20 years!!! ALOHA! Aunt: You are so right Dearest. EileenG: Do you think as we get on in menopause --there's not as much to say anymore. That's why we don't post as much/ Maybe that's positive? Lolly: ohhhh, did you??? yes, sometimes you do we left everything, and came here on faith and its all good debrikkia: Right about now, I think that Vickie is running around trying her darndest to find a computer! Aunt: Sometimes Eileen EileenG: We can always help the newbies though SylvryMoon: Eileen, maybe we just get used to all the hot flashes, aches & pains, etc etc etc. Lolly: ohh minou, where did you live? minou: I can picture that Deb! Dearest: Well, Eileen, to be honest, I've been talking about this, having guests, emailing and posting about menopause for 9 years. Next month begins Power Surge's TENTH YEAR.. and I'm certainly tired of talking about it :) Aunt: We get so wrapped up in other things and try to forget menopause. EileenG: Maybe Sylvery. LOL minou: Honolulu Lolly SylvryMoon: LOL Lolly: im on Maui IreneCrites: I'm sure you are Dearest MaryO: 10 years is a LOT of talk! Lolly: I can see how it would get old but you do such a good service to us all minou: I know! I read your posts and can picture you're paradise vividly SylvryMoon: Lolly, I'm jealous! How's the weather in Maui? It's going down to 8 degrees here in Michigan tonight! debrikkia: Lolly--is Kauai a nice island to visit? PatC: Dearest you do a lot, I can understand how you would get tired of it - after 10 years debrikkia: oops Lolly: ohh its gorgeous SturdyWoman: How can we help Dearest? Lolly: lol minou: Brrrrr Sylvry, that's cold!! Aunt: 8 degrees WOW EileenG: Oh Dearest -- you are are saint -- not like the rest of us!! LOL LOL No kidding -- you are one special lady! Lolly: Kauai is awesome, its called the garden isle, soooo greeen and beautiful IreneCrites: Hi Robin debrikkia: Yay--we're going there this summer Aunt: Its 36 over here and I am cold. Lolly: ohhh youll have so much fun SylvryMoon: Aunt B -- 36 is like a spring day here! Lolly: brrrrr, I grew up in pgh, so I know the feeling debrikkia: It's around 30 here--and I'm SICK of cold! Aunt: aLOL MaryO: sounds wonderful PatC: I've visited Kauai quite a few years ago and it was really beautiful IreneCrites: Its very cold and windy here too...Cape Cod Robin: hi Irene minou: Eileen, you've been in my thoughts!!! I know you're friendship was so special with Vickie! Big Hugs to you!!! debrikkia: I hope so, Lolly--it's a friend's time-share condo on the beach Robin: been having 'puter problems Lolly: ohh definitely, you will love it Aunt: Hi Irene, I bet Cape Cod is beautiful. Athena: I have to go girlies sorry to bail out, but the clock just struck 12!!! (off to put my golden slippers on :) debrikkia: Irene--I still want to visit your place with my sister sometime Lolly: the Hawaiian islands are so full of spirituality and wonder its amazing SylvryMoon: (((((Barbie)))))) MaryO: night (((Barble))) EileenG: Thanks Min -- I think Vicki made me feel special. I know she cared and loved everyone on PS! minou: Yes, they are Lolly! IreneCrites: I had Internet problems tonight Robin so I was late also Lolly: you just have to be still, and let it happen to you PatC: Good nigh Barbie, Athena: it's great to have been with you all and everyone said wonderful things about Vickie Dearest: Night, Barbie.. take care of yourself Lolly: night barbie IreneCrites: Night Barbie MrsUnderstood: Bye Barbie. Take care! come visit when you have time we'll be around. minou: Yes, she did (((Eileen))) Athena: same to you there and all of you EileenG: Barbie --love to you!! debrikkia: Lolly--I'm really excited about it--I've been to Oahu twice, but am ready for a switch minou: Goodnight Barbie! Athena: I will night to all of you, next time we meet, it will be for a happier motive EileenG: night sweet Barbie! Dearest: You'll have to forgive me - even though I wanted to make this NOT a sad event, I'm just having trouble looking at the list and not seeing Vickie's name there. Lolly: night debrikkia: Night Barbie minou: :-( SturdyWoman: so sorry Dearest Dearest: I just have such a big problem with what's not fair SylvryMoon: I know, Alice. :-( debrikkia: same here Aunt: But she is with us in Spirit Dearest * Lolly MOTIONS/sad.gif EileenG: Me too Dearest Alice! PatC: It is hard not to feel sad - I've tried to be careful and not say anything sad tonight. minou: I picture her as an angel greeting all the newbies! Lolly: her spirit will always be here Athena: Kate!!! :-) MaryO: I know what you mean :( Lolly: that never dies debrikkia: She most defini9tly is happy and free now, and is wanting us to celebrate her life, not her passing! SylvryMoon: It's ok to cry and be sad minou: I hope that's okay to say that, but I see that!!! Aunt: That is right minou and Lolly EileenG: I know how close you were with Vicki. she had enormous respect and love for you Dearest: There are lousy terrorists walking the streets.. people abducting and molesting children, killing them - walking the streets.. murderers.. miserable wretches that don't deserve to live... and Vickie is taken. It makes no sense to me. SylvryMoon: Kate, of course it's ok - MaryO: nor to me SturdyWoman: Dearest there is a Surgette in heaven SylvryMoon: nor to me debrikkia: The young sometimes are taken to spare them from what is to come. "young" meaning those who go before their time Lolly: there is a reason for everything, "this moment is as it should be", even if we don't understand it at the time minou: I've heard that Deb. Only the good die young .. IreneCrites: You are right deb Athena: night everyone, sleep well.let's rv EileenG: I I truly don't understand either Dearest! Lolly: night Athena minou: Night Barbie Dearest: BRB.. I forgot to make a call. I must make a quick call to remind someone of something. EileenG: I wish I had some of the beliefs others do Seems so comforting MaryO: yes, it can be, Eileen debrikkia: None of us knows what lay ahead for Vickie--it was just time--there was a place for her on a higher plain Aunt: It is not suppose to make sense nor are we suppose to question. We are just suppose to accept it SylvryMoon: Amen, Aunt B debrikkia: to do more good, and to give those who loved her a chance to grow because of her EileenG: What else can we do? MaryO: sometimes, it's so hard for those of us left behind, though Robin: thats the hardest part aunt debrikkia: ALWAYS hard for those of us left behind Aunt: When I looked at her picture this afternoon she was smiling. I can imagine that she is smiling down at us right now. Robin: it is indeed Lolly: yes she is SylvryMoon: That's the sad thing about death, Mary. Those who have passed are in a beautiful, spiritual place. And those of us left behind must contend with the awfulness of emptiness. Aunt: That is where memories come in Mary O. IreneCrites: It is always hard for those left behind but I truly believe that Vickie is fine debrikkia: I've lost parents, brother, friends and a grandchild, but we all learned through those tragedies of tragedies EileenG: I think it takes more than a couple of days to grieve. Then maybe we can see some reason -- but not before we grieve! Lolly: yes, let spirit and memories fill that emptiness minou: My mom died young and I was in my thirties. I just kept thinking she was called on to do something more important. The thought anyway helped. debrikkia: I can't spell tonight! Lolly: my mom too minou IreneCrites: Her transition form one plane to the other was graceful and peaceful just as he was SylvryMoon: I believe that Vickie is in a beautiful place, with her beautiful Siamese cat Kalanie purring on her lap. Lolly: she was only 52, of breast cancer, I was in my 20's EileenG: Sometimes people want to do the process too fast PatC: I agree Eileen. MaryO: oh, no, Lolly :( I'm so sorry to hear that Dearest: back. sorry minou: It's very hard, huh Lolly. Lolly: she was my best friend, took a long time, it really does, but like the old saying, time heals MaryO: no problem, Dearest :) Lolly: yes, it was hard PatC: It takes time to grieve - and I don't believe we are ever the same minou: Mine died of a rare cancer at 60 Dearest: Sometimes I don't remember squat MaryO: sorry, Kate EileenG: It is a process -- especially if you want it to be clean SylvryMoon: menopause :) debrikkia: Me too neither! Dearest: I'd like to say something to all of you, if you don't mind. Aunt: Time heals and memories are a life time Dearest: to say MaryO: sure, Dearest IreneCrites: I lost a daughter and my only sister as well as both my parents...the grieving process is a long one SylvryMoon: ok Alice EileenG: yes, Dearest? debrikkia: GA ;) SturdyWoman: go for it Robin: listening Dearest: If you don't always see me on the boards posting away... if I don't make every chat like I did for years.. please understand that after this past year, especially, my illness, surgery, etc.. I've really needed to cut back on my hours. It's a lot of work maintaining this site, believe me. MaryO: especially, after 10 years of this, I think we can all understand you cutting back! Dearest: Thanks debrikkia: No explanation necessary around here, Dearest! Lolly: absolutely IreneCrites: We understand Dearest SylvryMoon: I understand Alice Robin: I agree with deb minou: That's understandable!!! Very Understandable!!! EileenG: I'm proud of you for cutting back! PatC: Dearest, we all understand - you give a lot! SturdyWoman: We understand Dearest& want you to take care of yourself minou: I don't know how you do all that you do???? Dearest: And if you send me an Email and I don't answer, please send again. It's hard to keep up with all the E.mail generated by Power Surge. Robin: we all need time for ourselves Lolly: you have to take care of yourself first, before you can help anyone else PatC: ...the beauty of how you set it up is that there is always someone available to help Aunt: People do burn out Dearest. PatC: ...even if it isn't always you Dearest: I'm also wanting to spend more of my free time with my 91 year old mother who's just losing it more and more every day. debrikkia: We're all in the same place--the only difference IS that you feel the need to be here ALL the time because you are the CHIEF COOK and BOTTLE WASHER! But you really don't have to--just let us know you are okay, and taking a break! Robin: here here lolly MrsUnderstood: We understand Alice. Please do what is best for you. That is what is best for all of us. MaryO: I would imagine that you've heard every possible menopause question by now, in the chats, in the boards, in email Aunt: everyone needs to pause. EileenG: We love you so much Dearest. Please trust that we only want what's best for you! Dearest: Listen, I think I've earned my Ph.D. in menopause already. LOL Robin: haha Lolly: LOL PatC: I