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July 6, 1997
Host: Dearest
Guest: Julia Elliott

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OnlineHost: JelliotSoy has entered the room. Dearest: Julia Elliott, my guest in Power Surge tonight, is the author of two wonderful books aboutthe benefits of phytoestrogens/SOY, especially to women going through menopause-the importance of replacing diminishing estrogen with soy protein. "Beating Menopause,Early Ovarian Failure With The Help Of 1 Natural Ingredient, and "With A Little Help From The Soybean," exposes the wonders of soy protein, and how it can affect cholesterol, osteoporosis, kidney disease, and cancer. Julia also provides recipes to make our diets healthier and more fun, while restoring what our bodies seem to be losing daily - estrogen... but, without taking pills. Julia holds workshops and soy sessions, has appeared on TV and radio. Julia speaks out about HRT, the side effects, and how we might effect similar results with the use of phytoestrogens. Julia, welcome to Power Surge. I believe you were taking Premarin. What made you decide to stop HRT and begin a strict soy / phytoestrogen regimen? Thanks :) JelliotSoy: Thank you so much for inviting me here tonight! I experienced side effects while I was on Premarin. Dearest: Julia, can you tell us what side effects from the Premarin? JelliotSoy: Some of my side effects were: Weight gain, mood swings, headaches and a lump in my breast. Dearest: Thanks, Julia... SG, the queue? JelliotSoy: you are welcome. NOSciFi: how much earlier will a tubal bring on menopause- i'm 45 Dearest: NoSciFi, this is a chat about phytoestrogens and soy.....my guest tonight is NOT a medical doctor, so let's restrict our questions to this subject, thanks :) JelliotSoy: Surgery has been known to bring it on a bit earlier. Not sure how much earlier, it depends on what stage you are in at that point. DawnDidIt: My vitamins have natural E derived from soy and help my flashes...other good sources? JelliotSoy: It is some help, other good sources are foods made from the soybean and yams. MsLizzieB: I assume it doesn't matter what form of soy you eat, but how do you judge amount/sufficient? JelliotSoy: It does matter. Some processed foods contain less isoflavone due to the processing methods used. That is why I use the whole soybean, untouched and in its natural form, and make my own home made soyfoods. I know how many isoflavones are present. The amount needed varies, because everybody has a different metabolisim. The best way is to introduce soy slowly, with the doctors supervision, and see what amount does the trick. CescaSF: Are there any conditions, physical or psychological, that soy adversely affects? JelliotSoy: Not that I am aware of. None of the studies have indicated as such. SMartin992: Lived in Japan, Soy was easy to find over there, but where do we find it here? Please name some soy products. JelliotSoy: In your health food stores and some of your supermarkets, specialty shops also carry soy and soyfoods.There are too many brands available to name here. Some soy products are: Soy beans, soy milk, tofu, tempeh, and miso. Cr2chat: While taking Premarin- can weight gain be a side effect? JelliotSoy: Yes, it has been known to, (I gained 20 lbs in 3 months)It seems to be associated with water retention. VBrando101: How often and how much soy should we eat for it to be benificial to us? JelliotSoy: Depends on your metabolisim. Everyone is different. Start out at 1/4 cup of soybeans daily and increase until you see results. (These results should be evident in total estrogen readings, as well as improvement in symptoms) VBrando101: Do you think it interferes with antidepressants? Dearest: Julia, when thinking about tofu, 1/2 cup doesn't seem that much...is it? JelliotSoy: I am sorry, I am talking about soybeans. Regular Tofu, has 35 mg of isoflavone per 1/2 cup, and 1/4 cup of roasted soy nuts has 60 mg of isoflavones. The amount needed varies depending on the area of health that you are targeting for improvement. The "little amount", referred to here is to observe (in small amounts) how your body reacts to this new food. Dearest: Okay. thanks... MIMISUSAN: Is it safe to use soy & phytoestrogens while on premarin? JelliotSoy: Not a good idea Dearest: Why not, Julia? JelliotSoy: They are 2 different things, one is natural the other, synthetic.You should remove the synthetic, wait, until it is out of your system, to get a true result on your levels. Then slowly introduce soy and watch. Under supervision of a doctor, is advised here. (Why would you want to take a synthetic if you can achieve the same benefit from soy and safer?) Dearest: Thanks, Julia... PianoMary: I like (extra firm) tofu a lot. What is a good daily amount to help with meno? (I also take estrace) JelliotSoy: It differs. Experiment until you see a difference, start with 1/4 cup and build up to the point that you see results. Again, I personally, would not use a synthetic source, Dearest: Julia, is it different if you're taking natural estrogen..and eat lots of soy, too? I.e., Estrace JelliotSoy: Estrace, is processed? It may have come from a natural source, but it had to be processed into pill form or patch,it seems to suggest synthetic. Soy FOOD is natural source that does not have to be processed in a lab. Dearest: Yes, but can't you get too much estrogen? JelliotSoy: Not with soy. It has the ability to act as an anti estrogen when not needed and a pro estrogen when it is needed. Dearest: Okay, thank you.. BayouClog1: you said yams were good for us, do you mean regular sweet potatoes? JelliotSoy: Yams are the preference. Sweet potatoes are good, but yams are what seem to offer the results we are looking for. Dearest: Bayou, yams as in wild Mexican yam extract. RCHCTH: Never had tofu---what in the world do you do with it? How do you fix it? Tried soy milk, was just awful----what can I do? JelliotSoy: Good questions. Tofu, is a soybean curd. It resembles cream cheese in looks and texture, but with more moisture. It acts like a sponge and takes on the flavor of whatever it is mixed with. It does lack luster, and that is another reason why I wrote my second book, it has many recipes that apply to tofu and soybeans. AND make it taste good,too! Dearest: I've seen the book.. has lots of very interesting recipes, RCH :) GUYKAT: What do you think of Shaklee's Instant Protein? JelliotSoy: Thank you, Dearest, for the compliment. I have tried them all. GUYKAT: How do you rate it as far as soy is concerned? JelliotSoy: Instant Protein is good for you. But I don't know the isoflavone content so I can't really say. Don't know, you will have to try it. Dearest: Is there a standard isoflavone content it should have, Julia? JelliotSoy: Again, it depends on what area of health you want to improve and how your body metabolizes it. MissR30: 2-part question: does progesterone fit into this picture and is there research about the long term effects of phytoestrogens vs. progesterone/estrogen combos? Thanks. JelliotSoy: Progesterone does fit in. The point is, you have to have a balance of your hormones. Soy protein has the ability to do this, naturally. There are some studies out there that are now ongoing. We are seeing no adverse side effects in the women that have been tracked thus far. The Asian countries that have consumed soy forever, do not report any problems. Dearest: Julia, let me play the devil's advocate for a moment......there are so many things on the market today.... herbs, vitamins, natural progesterone ....etc.... is it possible that this SOY thing is overrated? JelliotSoy: Soy will be overrated. You do have to watch the content of each food that displays soy on its label. Just because it Saying that it contains soy doesn't mean it is enough to make a difference. Some products may contain just a trace. We saw that with the oat bran/cholesterol saga. Dearest: So, Julia, say none of us has ever eaten soy and we want to start. Take us through the market and tell us what to buy, ok? Dearest: Call it SOY 101 :) Chloecake: good question dearest! Dearest: JelliotSoy: Start slowly, choose a food that appeals to you and one that has high isoflavone content. If you are taking it for a specific medical reason, have your doctor supervise you. Any soyfood that you choose in place of meat or dairy will be an improvement. It is a matter of preference. I happen to prefer homemade soyfoods, like the ones in my book, but if I am traveling, and don't have the opportunity to cook or bake, I do drink soymilk, and eat one of the many soyfoods that are being offered in todays marketplaces. We have to educate ourselves and learn how to eat healthier versions of the foods that we are already eating. Dearest: Well, you know me I cut to the quick very quickly But, Julia, in the supermarket, do foods list isoflavone content? How do we know? JelliotSoy: No, they don't always list the isoflavone content. I had to dig deep for a list, myself. I have included it in the first pages of my second book, "With A Little Help From The Soybean" Dearest: Oh, great, Julia, may I have your permission to reprint it? JelliotSoy: Absolutly, Dearest. I think everyone could benefit from you reprinting the list of isoflavones. (For those who couldn't be here tonight, for example) Dearest: Great. .thanks :) SF: Are you aware of any complications from using soy while taking antidepressants? JelliotSoy: Antideppressants are not something that I agree with. There have not been too many complications with soy itself. But I would use caution. I suggest that you be supervised by a doctor when you begin your soy intake. Dearest: Thanks, Julia... PianoMary: Can you get too much estrogen if tofu is eaten as well as taking Estrace (low dose-1mg)? What could happen with too much? Dearest: Mary, Julia answered that earlier. JelliotSoy: You will not receive too much estrogen from tofu. But I don't know about the estrace, it is synthetic and I am not a doctor, so I can't really answer that. for you. Sorry. RCHCTH: How often and how much yams do you eat? JElliotSoy: Too much estrogen can lead to cancer Rook4U: Does the daily requirement of soy change with the type of soy product(milk, tofu, flour)? JelliotSoy: Yes,they vary. You have to establish the proteins that are present in each product. There are guides to follow. Dearest : Julia, RCH asked, "How often and how much yams do you eat?" JelliotSoy: I am sorry I missed the question. I eat 1/2 yam daily. Mylady99: Since you dont agree with antidepressants, how do you feel about St.John's Wort for depress. JElliotSoy: I think it is one of the best things to come along. It has been proven successful in place of prozac, in some instances, according to some recent studies. Dearest: Thanks.. LynnCSE: What kind of a Dr should one seek to help monitor soy intake? JelliotSoy: A liberal one. One that will understand the need for natural approach. Usually a MD. Some MD's don't know enough about this. Ask them to learn, or seek one who is willing to learn. They are all going to have to learn sooner or later, patients are requesting this more and more, and they do have to meet the demand. GUYKAT: What is difference between a yam and a sweet potato; if you answered it earlier, I missed it LynnCSE: speciality or sub speciality or internisy=t? JelliotSoy: The yam is the one that has been associated with the isoflavone. I have not heard much about the sweet potatoe in this area. MIMISUSAN: Can you give us an idea how to prepare soy so that it tastes good enough to eat? JelliotSoy: Good question. That is why I wrote my book. It contains 50 pages of recipes that are modified with the soybean. Meals that you are probaly already preparing. AND they taste good too! Dearest: Anyone interested in Julia's books can e-mail her for information at: JelliotSoy@aol.com Geebee2000: How soon could one expect to see results from soy, yams, st.john's wort? JelliotSoy: I heard on a 20/20 special, that St.John's Wort may expect results within the first month. Results from soy and yams may start appearing with in weeks. Chloecake: Is 1/2 yam the total daily requirement of soy completely? JelliotSoy: I use the yam with the soyfoods. Yam is only part of it. Dearest: Well, Julia... can you share with us the *other* part of your requirement? :) JelliotSoy: I compose my meals around soy. From breakfast lunch and supper. (Even desert) But, in addition to this, I do limit my red meat and dairy products, eat less processed foods, eat a balanced diet and increase my exercise. Chloecake: (my family would kill me!) JelliotSoy: They don't have to know! It is a sociable food and it takes on the flavor of what it is mixed with. MIMISUSAN: Tried St. John's Wort, made me sick. Any other natural anti-depressants? JelliotSoy: Exercise. Brisk walking for 15 minutes, allows the brain to release "endorphins", (the body's natural pain killers) which can give you a sense of well being. (As in "runners high") GUYKAT: What is soy protein isolate? Is Isoleucine a form of isoflavone? JelliotSoy: SPI is a texurized form of soy protien. It is the most highly refined soy protein.(90% soy protein) It has been used as a protein source in infant formulas since the early sixties. A wide variety of foods are made with soy protein isolates to improve texture and taste. I haven't read much about Isoleucine. Not many people are aware of the other health benefits derived from soy. It offers protection from heart disease, osteoporosis, kidney disease and more. The simple act of replacing red meat and dairy with soy offers you major benefits. Dearest: Julia, do all your recipes contain some soy benefit? GA JElliotSoy: All of the recipes are made with soy or tofu, so they are all "soy" beneficial, some recipes contain more soy protein than others. Kvsrdh: I am interested in learning what soy can do as far as lessening osteoporosis? JelliotSoy: Soy allows your body to retain a healthy balance of estrogen, which in turn allows your body to absorbe the calcium you eat. Your body cannot always metabolize calcium properly if that level is not up to par. LynnCSE: Did you ever hear of anyone getting hives from too much soy? JelliotSoy: No studies I have read, indicated as such. Postrain: I take several hormone precurser herbs. Adding soy seems to give me symptoms. Too much estro. JelliotSoy: Not a good mix for you. If you eat soy you may not have to take the other herbs. Check with a nutritionalist or your doctor. RCHCTH: I heard Dr. Love mention soy nuts? where can you get them? Postrain: I see a naturopath. JelliotSoy: Soy nuts are a good choice. They are a good snack. They come packaged in many stores, or make them ` yourself, using the recipe that is included in my book. Greuelgirl: rice wheat beans fermented and steeped in brine soy--according to webster is this the soy we are discussing here? JelliotSoy: I don't think so. We are discussing the whole soybean soyfoods and tofu. What you mention may well be a form of food made from the soybean. BLSHNANGEL: What is "Phytoestrogen"? sorry if you answered this. JelliotSoy: Phytoestrogen, is a natural estrogen or a "plant estrogen". TISHWEAVER: Any bad side affects from eating too much soy? Someone told me you can turn green. Chloecake: *what!* JelliotSoy: I have not found that side effect result in any of the case studies that I have read so far. BLSHNANGEL: GREEN??? Dearest: Chloecake: LOL BLSHNANGEL: LOL..sorry Rook4U: It's not easy being green... TISHWEAVER: LOL Dearest :) JelliotSoy: The only side effect that I have heard about, is undercooking can cause gastric disturbance. Dearest: Thanks, Julia. ARC23: How much soy would one need per day? Are you saying soy takes the place of HRT or Progest, etc. in guarding against osteoporosis? Would one take calcium supp. along w. soy and JelliotSoy: The amount varies with each individual. Testing is in order to determine what your present levels are. Bone Densometry baseline is also a good idea. The cooked soybean contains 88.0 gm of calcium per cup, 4 ozs. of tofu - 120 to 130 mgs. Supplements are a matter of personal choice, I just prefer to get my calcium through foods. ARC23: is there concrete data that soy protects bones. Thanks JelliotSoy: This soy/osteoporosis study was proven by Susan Potter at University of Ill. last year. Post menopausal women that ate soy showed an increase in bone density at the end of the study. (Ms. Potter consumes soy products every day) C Bayla: I would think that hives might indicate allergy; do you agree? Dearest: Have you completed your answer, Julia? JelliotSoy: Yes I have. ARC23: (what abt. calcium supplements in my question :) JelliotSoy: Matter of preference. Dearest: Julia, I'm lost now.. did you see C Bayla's question? I hadn't called on her. JelliotSoy: I think that slipped by me. Dearest: C Bayla, now ask your question again, please. C Bayla: Could hives indicate allergy? Sorry I jumped in too fast first timer. Dearest: That's ok.. just confuses things :) JelliotSoy: It does indicate a disturbamce of some kind. I am not a doctor. Your doctor may have to assess the whole picture. I, myself have not heard of a connection between soy and hives. Greuelgirl: i am not soy-literate..soy instead of what...soy in addition to what .... thanks JelliotSoy: Soy instead of HRT, Soy instead of meat, dairy etc. OneDot USA: How does one make soy milk? I hear it's easy and cheap to make. It's costly to buy. JelliotSoy: It is the liquid that comes from cooked pressed soybeans. You will have to cultivate a taste for this in its plain form, or add your own flavoring or make a milkshake, with fruit, yogurt & ice cubes. OneDot USA: Boil them, them press them? JelliotSoy: Soak them overnight, then simmer them all day. Then drain and press. OneDot USA: Thanks JelliotSoy: You are welcome. Rook4U: How would I know I'm getting enough soy?Meno symptoms ease?Lab test results? JelliotSoy: Rook4U, When your symptoms ease, and yes, total estrogen level tests indicate. LeggyBlnde: I'm a vegetarian, but have stayed away from soy because I thought it had a high fat content. does it? ga JelliotSoy: It does have a rather high fat content, but it is a good fat. You do have to modify the rest of your diet to accomodate it. Dearest: Julia, I read once that 50% of the calories from soy are from fat. Is that so? JelliotSoy: I will give you an example: 1 cup cooked soybeans: 296 cal. 28.6 g. protein (36% cal. from protein) 15.4 g fat, (44% cal.from fat) 17 g carbo.(20% cal. from carbo.) 0 mg cholesterol, 6 g fiber, 2 mg sodium 2/3 cup tofu: 126 cal. 13.4 g protein (40% cal. from protein) 7.8 g fat (52% cal from fat) 5 g carbo (8% cal from carbo) 0 mg cholesterol, 2 g. fiber and 12 g sodium LeggyBlnde: what is good fat? don't have any on THIS body ARC23: after meno. wouldn't one have to eat ALOT of soy to have estrogen level tests up to par? And when should one begin soy; before, during after meno,? Thanks JelliotSoy: Not really. Usually 1 cup a day does it. If not, slowly increase.Have your MD test until balance is achieved. Lovegt2: Is there any soy product that taste good or is it an accquired taste? JelliotSoy: Soy is a good all around food. It is a healthy food. However it IS a bland food. You can change that by looking to some of the many products that are available in the stores or make your own, like I do. Ciklr: ? male, 45.140lbs, ovo-lacto vegetarian.chol. 165, but hdl's are low..how do I raise them? JelliotSoy: Have your doctor supervise amounts and changes as you subsitute soy for red meat and dairy, increase exercise. The help of nutritional counseling advised. SMartin992: Are you familiar with Eda Mame. The Japanese eat that as a snack. Is that soy beans? Is Eda mame a soybean? Dearest I sure hope so. JelliotSoy: Not too clear with that particular food. To find out, you may want to check out the Soyfoods website at WWW.SOYFOODS.COM where you can subscribe to a free email newsletter, SOYFOODS USA, (My second book and my carrot cake recipe were mentioned in the April 97 issue) or check with SOYASCAN, the world's largest soyfoods data base. (of which, by the way, my books are part of.) SMartin992: Thanks, Will do! MIMISUSAN: What is the best source of phytoestrogens? JelliotSoy: My choice is the whole soybean in its purest, untouched, unproccessed form. Lovegt2: Time to go. Thanks for the great info. on soy!!! Dearest: Phytoestrogens, Jerm. JERMAINDR: Please explain LynnCSE: May I have the soy foods web site again? Dearest: www.soyfoods.com Rook4U: Doesn't food preparation using soybeans take a lot of time? Recommendations? LynnCSE: thanks JelliotSoy: Preparations are a bit long. Suggest that you prepare amounts of recipes that are measured and freeze them for future use, to cut down on prep and cook time. Dearest: Julia, thanks for taking this time to join us in Power Surge to answer our questions about phytoestrogens, soy, tofu and other natural ways to replenish the estrogen we lose during menopause and to keep our bones and hearts healthy. You can buy Julia Elliott's book, With A Little Help From The Soybean on the Internet. Julia invites you to E-Mail her with any questions you may have. Let's all thank Julia Elliott for joining us tonight. Thank you, JULIA. SGETT: {S applause Patrice214: Thank you MIMISUSAN: {S okloveya BLSHNANGEL: Thank You Julia RCHCTH: Thank you very much Dearest: Thanks so much, Julia :) GUYKAT: Thanks Julia JelliotSoy: Glad to help LeggyBlnde: yayyy....excellent...looking forward to reading your books! Rook4U: Many thanks, Julia. :) SMartin992: Thanks Julia MIMISUSAN: {S elvis Dearest: We need all the help we can find, Julia. Thanks for giving of your time :) RCHCTH: We need a soy bean/ Tofu receipe folder Dearest JelliotSoy: It was my pleasure, and I want to thank everyone for their interest. Dearest: We do, RCH? You going to manage it? :) SGETT: {S thnkyou LeggyBlnde: very jazzed about this! RCHCTH: Did realize, I'll check it out. Me manage, blind leading the blind. End of log of Julia Elliott's visit to Power Surge - 6/6/97 Dearest aka Alice Stamm Power Surge Founder, Host, Facilitator Webmaster Power Surge E-mail Dearest Copyright©1994-1999 by Power Surge. All Rights Reserved.

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