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Feb 3rd, 9 PM, ET

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Charles Foster, Ph.D.
Thursday, Febuary 3rd
9 PM, ET

Coping With The Emotional Fallout
Of Illness or Injury

Dr. Charles Foster

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Dr. Charles Foster is co-founder and research director
of The Chestnut Hill Institute in Boston. For thirty years he has worked as a
psychotherapist and consultant with individuals, couples, families,
and organizations of all sizes. The focus of his work has been to
develop an evidence-based approach to finding practical solutions
for perennial problems. His research is based on studying people who
are successful with a particular problem and learning how to
apply their solutions in the most effective way. Dr. Foster has appeared
on the Oprah Show and many other national shows. He was featured
on a John Stossel 20/20 Prime Time Special for ABC News.

His newest book, Feel Better Fast: Overcoming the Emotional Fallout
of Your Illness or Injury
deals with the emotional and psychological
distress that accounts for sixty percent or more of the total distress
you feel when you're sick or injured. This means that if you relieve
the emotional fallout of your illness or injury, you have begun to
address the most important factor standing in the way of your feeling
better. Feel Better Fast is the first and only book to show how to do this.

Charles Foster, Ph.D.
who will field all your questions
Febuary 3rd
at 9 PM (ET)

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FREE Copies Of Feel Better Fast
Will be given away At The Chat


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Feel Better Fast: Overcoming The Emotional
Fallout of Your Illness or Injury
by Charles Foster, Ph.D.

Did you know that emotional and psychological distress accounts for sixty percent or more of the total distress you feel when you're sick or injured? It's true. This means that if you relieve the emotional fallout of your illness or injury, you have begun to address the most important factor standing in the way of your feeling better. Feel Better Fast is the first and only book to show how to do this.

You need the help this book offers if:
your illness or injury affects your quality of life
· you're frustrated by pain or discomfort
· you worry that you might not get better soon

If even one of these applies to you, then you have the potential to feel better faster and achieve a more complete recovery than you may have thought possible.

With a friendly, no-nonsense style, thoroughly tested advice, compelling stories, and engaging personal revelations, this book will help you

· identify the emotional and psychological issues that are the missing ingredients in your full recovery
· understand the emotions that are churning through you, and show you how to put your negative emotions behind you
· feel more effective and less helpless at managing your condition
· gain relief from your symptoms
· identify shortcuts to feeling better
· feel taken care of
· face your future with confidence
· feel more hopeful
· eliminate fears that have come up as a result of your illness or injury
· increase your emotional energy
· make the best possible decisions about the care you're getting
· get the most out of your doctor and the people in your life who are supporting you
· make sure you're getting the optimal treatment
· use your spirituality to speed your recovery
· put an end to worrying
· put fun and joy back in your life

Feel Better Fast makes possible the ultimate in holistic medicine. We've had important advances in treating the body as a whole. With this book we've reached the final stage: the ability to treat you the person as a whole. By finding solutions for the emotional fallout of your illness or injury, you as a whole person, not just your body, have everything you need to achieve the fullest, fastest recovery you're capable of.

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