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Is Menopause Making You Frantic?
Frazzled? Forgetful?
Can't Remember Where You Put Anything?
Can't Seem To Organize Your Time?
Your Closet? Your Family?
Your LIFE?

Mary Jo Rulnick & Judith Burnett Schneider
Authors of 
The Frantic Woman's Guide Tp Life:
A Year's Worth of Hints, Tips and Tricks

Heloise meets The Sidetracked Home Executives in this funny yet
practical, month-by-month guide for helping busy women strike a
balance between family, work, and home. Juggling family, work,
and home can knock anyone off their feet...so here come authors
Mary Jo Rulnick and Judith Burnett Schneider to the rescue!
Prescriptive, delightful, and packed with girlfriend-style advice
that is right on the money--and easy to implement--THE FRANTIC
WOMAN'S GUIDE TO LIFE is the book that answers the question: How
does she do it? Together with guest experts in areas ranging from
taxes, gardening, and interior decorating to home schooling,
sports coaching and travel, Rulnick and Schneider guide readers
through each month with helpful tips in such specific areas as:
College planning! Spring cleaning! Helping kids keep up in
school! Surviving holidays! Looking your best! And much more!

The Frantic Woman's Guide Tp Life

Meet and Talk With
Mary Jo Rulnick &
Judith Burnett Schneider

January 22nd
at 9 PM (ET)

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Coming in February,
Arthur Agatston, M.D.
Cardiologist & Creator of
the incredibly popular
The South Beach Diet

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***
Four Lessons for Marital Survival
By Mary Jo Rulnick
*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

Recently, I came across a miniature replica of the Chapel where my husband
and I exchanged our wedding vows.  I knew I had to have it.

As the clerk tallied my purchase, she asked, "How long have you been

"Almost 18 years," I replied.

"My goodness, you married young," she said.  "Its nice to see young people
believe in their vows and not become a statistic."

She made that statement as if that was all it had taken to make my marriage
work.  But, I knew there were many lessons along the way -- not just
believing in those vows...

For better:  with a teen-ager as a built in babysitter, life is much

For worse: set-backs, such as, one plant shutdown, two company layoffs, a
husband in ICU for spinal fusion -- definitely worse.

For richer: when? We havent hit any jackpots or lotteries, but I guess we
need to play first.

For poorer:  with two kids in braces, were a lot poorer. Someone has to
pay for the wonderful new orthodontists office.

That conversation touched off many memories. I recalled the commotion our
wedding announcement caused.

One mutual friend responded, "You wont make it five year! Youll be
divorced." We did, he didnt.

My husbands co-worker stated, "It wont last one year." A relative (my
husbands) agreed with that notorious quotation.  Well, we defied the odds
and breezed through that first year. No one mentioned the next 17.

The odds were against us -- our age, barely reaching our 20th birthdays.
One income, when two were a necessity. And last, our reason for marrying at
a chapel, our religious denominations -- Im Catholic, hes Jewish.

Muddling our way through the past 18 years of sometimes troubled waters
needed more than those vows to keep our marriage intact.  Learning the four
lessons of Marital Survival kept us from becoming another statistic.

Lesson One: When compromise gives us time alone

I compromised. I went from wondering, who in their right mind would hit a
little white ball with a metal stick, down a field of grass, to make it
roll into an itty, bitty hole, to golfing weekly, with my husband and
actually enjoying it.

What can I say?  Its just the two of us, in a secluded area, (we always
pick the off time to golf) where no one expects me to cook or clean.

Lesson Two: When a tiff is worth the trouble

During the upheaval of a very difficult year (Ill give him that), my
husband forgot my birthday.  Yes, this was absolutely worth the trouble of
a tiff -- not just a small one either.  This forgetfulness cost him dearly,
and not just in the pocket. In years following, I can say he never forgot
another one.

Lesson Three: When to go with the flow

Early in our marriage, I was astounded to realize our television (with
hubby in charge of the control) played sports every hour of the day,
whether it was baseball, hockey, skiing, or mud wrestling.  The selection
became diversified with the addition of basic cable, Tier 1 and Tier 2
cable.  And when that failed -- the wonderful world of satellite programs
telecast from places such as Las Vegas, better known as Pay For View.

Our home became the stomping grounds for a group of sports fanatics. Going
with the flow, I crossed the street for an evening of girl talk, with my
neighbor, whose husband joined mine.

Lesson Four: How to negotiate with your spouse I learned I can negotiate
for anything, as long as I run an outdoor, short-order kitchen for a mens
softball tournament. Every spring, my husband runs this 24-team
competition, I cook and serve a bunch of dirty, sweaty, sometimes slightly
inebriated men for two-twelve-hour days.

In turn, every August, I go away for a girls weekend of chitchat,
shopping, reading and relaxing.  That weekend is worth those two twelve-
hour days.

Our marriage began with vows, but those four lessons enabled us to keep our
marriage intact.  Without them, we wouldnt be celebrating our 18th

And when we celebrate our 20th anniversary, Ill be sure to mail the three
naysayers a postcard.

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***
*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

Who's that woman in your neighborhood whose clothes hang neatly in the
closet, whose kids are never late, whose income taxes are done in February,
and whose holiday gifts are bought by October? It could be you! But when
you're juggling a family, home, and career, you may struggle just to
complete daily chores-even before seasonal and special projects turn the
pressure up to a boil.

Frantic women everywhere, here's good news! Do-it-yourself expert Mary Jo
Rulnick and organizing genius Judith Burnett Schneider have come to the
rescue. Better than a 25-hour day, their compilation offers a full year's
worth of amazing, timesaving tips and efficiency secrets that can eliminate
clutter, turn your family into a cleaning team, organize your life month-
by-month, and even find ways to save you money. From financial planning to
redecorating your kitchen, you'll accomplish more than you ever dreamed
possible-and still have time to smell the roses and give your kids an extra



* The fifteen-minute pick-up-the house stays neat and the family works

* The best way to handle crammed storage spaces...and decide what stays and
what goes

* Using dryer sheets to freshen up more than the laundry

* Professional organizing tips for a kitchen that works...and the best
veggie drawer liner ever

* Spring cleaning? One room at a time shortcuts to ease the drudgery

* Summer child-care options you may have overlooked...or just never thought

* Valentine...shmalentine. Eight ways to put the fun back into your love
life. The passion will follow...

* Ways to chill out: learn what, when, and how to freeze everything from
potato chips to fine chocolates

* Eight files to simplify your record-keeping so you'll never have to hunt
down documents again

* The sports mom survival kit...and why you should always carry garbage
bags in your car trunk

* Recipe for the Frantic Woman's Cocktail...a relaxing libation to
celebrate a job well done

Life can't be predicted... but it can be planned!


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