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Julia *before* at 290 lbs.       Julia, 130 lbs lighter

Author of Awaken The Diet Within: From Overweight To Looking Great -
If I can Do It, So Can You

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Obesity is at epidemic levels  
Overweight can lead to heart disease, diabetes and other health problems As we enter menopause, weight control is more important than ever We know by now that quick-loss, fad diets don't work What will it take to motivate you? 
Why do we hold onto weight we know we should lose? 
Some menopause symptoms *may* be weight-related
Find out what you can substitute for food to make you happy.

Julia Griggs Havey,
author of, 
Awaken The Diet Within: From Overweight To Looking Great -
If I can Do It, So Can You.

One of the most common answers when it comes to "why do you think you didn't succeed" when talking about a diet plan is lack of motivation.

"Everyone talks about motivation as if we need some outside source to
get us up and going. If you list the dreams you have for your life,
then write the plan that will be needed to get there and the actions
necessary to fulfill your plan. You still need the motivation to carry
out the actions. These actions will put you on the road of self-
improvement through self-motivation" -- Julia Griggs Havey

Julia Griggs Havey tried every get-thin-quick gimmick and nothing worked. She eventally dieted her way from a size 8 to a 290 pound size 24 and resigned herself to a matronly figure and plus-size clothing.

Then, one fateful day, Julia received an anonymous note informing her that her husband was having an affair.
It was just the wake-up call she needed. From that moment on, she changed her attitude and took charge of her life. Fifteen months after the poison pen letter, she had divorced her husband, changed jobs, lost over 130 pounds and later
married and was crowned Mrs. Missouri. 

Julia shares her inspirational story and weight-loss secrets in
Awaken The Diet Within: From Overweight To Looking Great -
If I can Do It, So Can You.

"How do we find it in ourselves to just take that first step -- the
step that actually puts us on this road of self-improvement? The step
that gives us the belief that "this is the road that I know I want,
that I know is healthy, that in the long run will provide me with
happiness and fulfillment." Where do we find this motivation?

I'm going to tell you a secret that you may or may not know and it
makes a lot of sense. This will help you find the motivation that will
always get you up, keep you going, help keep you from an unhealthy
life and moving toward one of health and fitness.

The secret is this: Before anything becomes reality, you must have
first given it thought. Think for a moment if this is true. Did your
clothes you have on today decide for you that they were the exact ones
that would jump out of the closet and be on your body? Of course not!
The same for the food you had for breakfast, or the car you drive.
These were all thoughts first. Not only that, but they were decisions
which you had to make.

Each day that goes by that you don't think about the life you would
like to have is another day that you are not making the decision to
live such a life. Imagine everything you would do in a day where you
have the fitness, the energy and the life that you want to create for

This will give you the motivation, the visualization and realization
that you need to succeed. The following three tools will help you take
that first step and will help you realize the motivation within you:

1. Create a mental picture. Create the picture in your mind of what it
is that you want to do, knowing you will have the resources, the
energy and fitness to do and to be anything you want. Is losing weight
going to give you more confidence in yourself, more clothing
selections, more energy to achieve more actions each day? What are
these things that you want to achieve -- a better job, a healthier
body, a stronger relationship, a worldwide mission for peace? You must
define what it is that you will be and do with yourself once you
become fit.

The most common reason for wanting to lose weight is "health." What
will you do with better health besides keep from dying too soon? One
of my favorite lines in the movie Braveheart with Mel Gibson is,
"Every man dies, not every man lives!"

What a powerful message. It's a fact that we will all die sometime,
but we don't have to die before we have a chance to experience all
that we and life have to offer. Take the time to quietly think about
the person you are and the person that you desire to be. What a joy
when these two people meet someday!

Create the image of your life the way you would like it to be as a
slimmer you! Make this picture what you will be doing on a typical day
and you will begin to make it real. Remember... first a thought, then
a reality.

2. Eliminate the bad. This is one action that will create a strong
start on the path of self-improvement and will create more motivation
for you. If you took one day to eliminate any foods that you know are
contributing to your extra weight (white breads, candy, soft drinks,
chips, cookies, cakes, ice cream, sugar-laden cereals, rich pastas)
you will get a quick start in the right direction.

With your mental picture, you certainly realize that you are not going
to be the person while still eating foods that take away from your
energy and make you feel sluggish. Try to eliminate at least one food
or drink that contains sugars or a high amount of calories every day.
Don't overwhelm yourself with a completely different lifestyle in one
day. Take small steps, or as Bill Murray repeated to himself in What
About Bob?, "baby steps, baby steps, baby steps."

Here's one simple step that will start you feeling better immediately:
substitute water for every soft drink you now consume.

3. Implement the good. This will become easier once you have created
the picture of your life and your daily actions in it, knowing that
they will consist of good habits. Try to implement just a few good
actions to your daily routine. Begin with adding more water to your
daily consumption.

Next, add a simple exercise routine. Doing one thing each day, no
matter how short or limited the effort, you will begin to train your
mind to think that "this is something I should be doing each day." If
a day goes by and I haven't exercised, I feel like something was
missing in my day. Remember, any amount is good and stick to starting
with "baby steps!"

Lastly, take the time each day to reinforce the mental picture you
initially created. In a book called The Power of the Subconscious
Mind, authors Joseph Murphy and Ian McMahan describe a tactic of
reinforcing our desire by reading a description of the life we want
live. It would go something like, "Each day I am making healthy
choices and continuing to be stronger in my pursuit of fitness. I am
stronger today than I was yesterday and I have the will to carry out
the actions today that will make me more fit and happier tomorrow."
Write down your message to yourself and read it each day!

Motivation is what moves us... what gives us desire. You can create
the desire with the mental picture of a life full of health and
fitness. Make it meaningful enough and you will be giving yourself the
mental energy that will turn into physical energy needed for taking
action toward a life of health and fitness."
by Julia Griggs Harvey

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Julia Griggs Havey
January 232rd
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