A small sampling of some of the prestigious physicians, authors, nutritionists, psychologists and women's health advocates who've appeared in Power Surge's America Online and Web site chats have been internationally renowned Breast Surgeon and author, DR. SUSAN LOVE; PBS-TV and author of "Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom," DR. CHRIS NORTHRUP; Famed Cardiologist and Nutritionist, radio talk show host and developer of the Atkins Diet, DR. ROBERT ATKINS; NBC-TV's Chief Medical Correspondent, DR. BOB ARNOT; Internationally acclaimed physician and patient advocate, ISADORE ROSENFELD, M.D.; acclaimed authors, GAIL SHEEHY, NANCY FRIDAY, RONA JAFFEE; physician and founder of NAMS (North American Menopause Society), DR. WULF UTIAN; OB-Gyn and Author of "Screaming To Be Heard....", DR ELIZABETH LEE VLIET; Psychiatrist, testosterone pioneer and author, DR SUSAN RAKO; Gynecologist and women's health advocate, DR SUSAN LARK; Actress, entrepreneur, author, LINDA DANO: America's Favorite Pediatrician, DR LENDON SMITH; Nutritionist, BETTY KAMEN, Ph.D.; Well-known author of numerous books, RONA JAFFE; Natural progesterone cream pioneer, DR JOHN LEE; Cable TV's fitness guru and author, DENISE AUSTIN; Fitness mavens, KATHY SMITH and COVERT BAILEY; America's relationship experts, BARBARA DE ANGELIS, Ph.D. and author of 19 bestselling books and relationship expert, author, STEVEN CARTER; Sexologist and author of "The Pause," LONNIE BARBACH, Ph.D.; Lecturer, Medical Journalist and author of numerous women's health books, RUTH JACOBOWITZ; Former Pritikin Center Nutrionist, author ANN LOUISE GITTLEMAN; Feminist, Author and co-founder of MS Magazine, LETTY COTTIN POGREBIN; Medical journalist, author, JUDITH SACHS; and hundreds of others.

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