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October 19, 1997
Host: Dearest
Guest: Enid Fox

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OnlineHost: Leseetsa has entered the room Dearest: My guest tonight for the Power Surge GIGS Series (G)etting (I)nto (G)ood (S)hape is our own personal fitness trainer, Leseetsa, aka ....... Dearest: . . . . . . E N I D . . . . F O X . . . . . . . . Dearest: In 1993, Enid received her certification for Strength and Personal Training at the Health and Fitness Institute in Hayward, CA. "Now, at age 44, I am a passionate advocate for women's fitness, especially resistance training for women." Dearest: Enid has been a dialysis technician for 20 years. Her job is physical and she proudly boasts, "I can do everything the "guys" can do, and more!" Way to go, Enid! :) Enid says she has suffered a host of joint injuries due to over training (while Dearest has suffered a joint of host injuries :) ), but at 44 Enid feels "stronger and fitter than ever. "I really want to help motivate other women to feel this good!" Indeed you have, Enid. Thanks for joining us in Power Surge tonight. While saying hello, could you share with us your best advice as to how we can start a simple GIGS program, when we're feeling all the side effects of menopause? :) Dearest: Welcome, Enid :) Leseetsa: Thanks so much for inviting me! Dearest: My pleasure :) Leseetsa: My advice is to start off slowly, listen to your body and get involved with others who have workout programs already! Dearest: Thanks, Enid... Dearest: Norlee, go ahead, please :) Norlee: I'm very overweight, & have been walking at areobic canter, up to 3 miles, 3x week & cutting fat way down since May. Slow to loose... What can I do to speed up loss? Leseetsa: Do you think you can work a weight resistance routine into your workouts? Norlee: I can now, couldn't at first, too hard. Leseetsa: More muscle means you will burn more calories and fat, even at rest! Dearest: Thanks, Enid.... Califskier, go ahead. CALIFSKIER: I work rotating shifts, every week a different time frame; ideas on how to stay motivated? i find it hard to get into a regular schedule. Leseetsa: Tough one, I did that too. Do what you can when you can and try to keep some routine... CALIF, you can stretch daily, do a lower intensity if needed. Dearest: Thanks, Enid :) SSmith, go ahead, please :) SSmith8824: I belong to a circuit training place called Curves. Do you know anything about it and if it is a good workout to loose weight ? Leseetsa: Yes, circuit training is a good compromise. I prefer to do one thing at a time, weight resistance OR aerobics. This tries to do both. Dearest: SAS, go ahead :) SASCREAT: Exercise regularly many yrs, can't do push ups, really hard. Lift weights 3x wk, why pushing so difficult, what to do? Leseetsa: Do you do bench press when you lift weights? SASCREAT: No Leseetsa: That should help, try doing bench press and flies in 3 different postions (Incline, decline and flat) SASCREAT: Thanks Dearest: Thanks, Enid... Susan, go ahead, please :) Leseetsa: welcome! Susan90420: Am a breast cancer survivor, finished chemo., radiation, etc. bad menopause, go to gym on machines and free weights...should I add aerobics too? Leseetsa: Congrats on your progress with cancer... Susan90420: Thank you Dearest: Absolutely.. ditto. Leseetsa: Aerobics is very important to include. Susan90420: In what form? Leseetsa: What ever you enjoy. At least 4 days a week, best if done daily, at least 20 mins. Susan90420: Thanks Leseetsa! Dearest: Thanks, Leseetsa... would there ordinarily be limitations in such a case, Enid? Leseetsa: I am not an expert in breast cancer recovery but I can't think of any offhand... Dearest: Thanks, Enid :) Windock, go ahead, please :) WINDOCK1: Are there any particular foods or drinks you recommend? Vitamins? Leseetsa: Lowfat of course, lots of produce, veggies and fruit. Water is important during workouts. I take vitamins, since checking out Power Surge!! (ABCDE) Calcium is very important!!! Dearest: Enid, can you tell us the overall benefits of exercise for women in menopause? Leseetsa: INcrease bone density, decrease body fat which inhances cardio vascular health and decrease risk for cancer as the latest studies are showing. Dearest: So, along with taking calcium, it can really strengthen our bones and protect us from osteoporosis? Leseetsa: Yes!!! Dearest: Great... thanks. Dearest: Woody, go ahead, please :) WoodyEllen: No period for three months makes me non-energetic. Any suggestions? Dearest: Please remember, our guest is a fitness expert, not a doctor :) Leseetsa: Start off with easy walking, stretching. You know, easy stuff and then increase your intensity as you feel better. Exercise is a wonderful mental "perscription" Dearest: Excellent, Enid. Thank you. Dearest: Wingy, go ahead :) Wingy54: Do aerobics, walk & free weights. My weight is fine, but since I began HRT, I have a spare tire growing around my middle, any suggestions? Leseetsa: This is our biggest problem!! You need to focus on the health benefits of your program.. Sounds like you have a good one. The cosmetic issues, like spare tires, under arm flab will get better if you don't focus on them so much!! Do stomach exercises to keep the stomach muscles strong. Dearest: SaintJive, go ahead. Saint Jive: How effective is Creatin? I heard its the best product to buy for building muscle. Leseetsa: I am not familiar with this product. Saint Jive: No? Dearest: I've heard there was some controversy about Creatin. Leseetsa: I think going with a natural, chemical free fitness program is best. Wait for more research Dearest: SaintJive, isn't Creatin similar to a steroid? Saint Jive: Creatin Monohydrate? Dearest: I've heard of it, but not exactly sure what it is, SaintJive. Saint Jive: It's natural,they sell it at GNC. Dearest: SaintJive, I believe I have some info on it. Email me, please. Dearest: VBrando, go ahead, please : VBrando101: Why is sugar and white flour so bad for you as opposed to whole grains? Leseetsa: Because whole grains have vitamins and minerals that are removed during processing of white flour and cane sugar. (and fiber too!!) Dearest: Cmvz, go ahead, please :) Cmvz: I've heard swimming isn't good for weight loss. I swim 3x wk (for years) mixed results. Have you heard this? Leseetsa: Swimming does not provide weight bearing resistance. It is not as good as a fat burner, butiIt is fine for heart and vascular health though, do it if you enjoy it!! Cmvz: OK! Thanks. Dearest: Bucher, go ahead, please. Buchermj: What if you can't get to someplace for weight resistance work out? What can you do at home? Especially if you don't have alot of room? Leseetsa: Can you budget from $100to $300 for equipment? Buchermj: No Leseetsa: Ok... do you have stairs? Buchermj: No Leseetsa: Do you have a VCR? Dearest: Wanna move in with me, Bucher? (g) Buchermj: YES Buchermj: lol dearest Dearest: (gee, I hope she said yes to the VCR) Dearest: (g) Leseetsa: You can start with a "step" program. You can buy a step and video for aerobics Buchermj: thank you THRV Erica: <-------LOVES steap aerobics!! THRV Erica: step even Dearest: Enid, what's the minimal equipment we should/can buy to get started? Leseetsa: A weight bench is really important for resistance training. You need to plan on a lifetime fitness program and the investment is well worth it. Add some weights that can be adjusted. Dearest: Thanks, Enid. Dearest: Norlee, go ahead. Norlee: What exactly should I do to build muscle? Machines are available, but which ones to use & how much? I get woozy when I "flash" ... Leseetsa: Can you get help from your health club? Are there any personal trainers? It's tough for me not knowing exactly what you have in your gym!! Norlee: I can try... they are all teens...lots of machines... Leseetsa: Too bad, I would love to see some of "us" become role models in our gyms!! Dearest: With those spare tires, we don't want to be "roll" models :( Leseetsa: I would try them all, but ask for some help. Norlee: thanx Leseetsa: Dearest, it's a mind game, fitness is the thing, not cosmetics... Dearest: Of course, Enid :) Dearest: LAbbott, go ahead, please :) LAbbott106: What is a good excersie to do at the computor at work wothout being obivous - lower back - stretching - good books? I sit so my back stiff. Thanks Leseetsa: At the computer most things you do are for neck and arms. For back you need to get up and stretch, "touch your toes" or "cobra" a Yoga posture . LAbbott106: Yoga in a office sure (g) Leseetsa: Hey, start a trend!! (g) Dearest: Thanks, Enid. Dearest: Bay, go ahead. BayouClog1: I'm a dancer. I have been having knees troubles and can't do aerobics now - or even dance much. What can I do to exercise now? Leseetsa: Knee problems should be referred to a PT but stretching and strengthening is KEY here!! Dearest: Maribeth, go ahead, please :) MaribethTC: Do you have any hints for staying motivated? It's SO hard to stick with it! Dearest: (looking in the mirror) Leseetsa: Anyone you know workout? Friends can really make the difference. What do you love to do that's physical? dance? are you competative? MaribethTC: No club nearby. I exercise alone I walk, and do weights. Leseetsa: Visit us on Power Surge and share your lack of motivation, you need to reach out somewhere! Dearest: Very true, Enid :) Frollie, go ahead. Frollie: Are there exercise videos you recommend? Also a breast cancer survivor. Not in great shape, and with a bad arm- any suggestions? Leseetsa: There are SO many! Covert Bailey, Jane Fonda for Yoga. Frollie: Just needed one or two to get started- thanks. Dearest: And former Power Surge guest, Denise Austin :) Leseetsa: YES, try Densie! Dearest: PKDJ, go ahead, please :) PKDJ4444: I need to lose 55 lbs. I walk 3x a week 20 min., should I do more? Leseetsa: Lift weights... I sound like a broken record but you will burn more calories with more muscle. Find out what your %fat is and use that as your target, not your weight... Dearest: (let's all go on a fitness program/diet together in Power Surge) Dearest: Let me just stop for one moment and ask everyone present one question........ Dearest: Simply type "YES" if you *need* to lose more than 15 pounds, please. Everyone, please. ELLIOTT53: yes SGETT: yes LAbbott106: yes THRV Blush: yes Buchermj: yes MaribethTC: yes Norlee: yes WoodyEllen: 15 exactly. WINDOCK1: yes VBrando101: yes Cookers: yes MaliLeptir: yes PKDJ4444: Yes HKGILLEN: yes BayouClog1: yes Eve G 406: 15 Dearest: Type "YES" if you need/want to lose more than 25 pounds. THRV Cinda: yes Norlee: yes LAbbott106: yes MaliLeptir: yes SGETT: yes Cookers: yes Eeoyre0710: 25 ELLIOTT53: yes PKDJ4444: yes RRTMil123: yes THRV Blush: yes MaribethTC: yes CALIFSKIER: yes Dearest: Type "YES" if you need/want to lose more than 40 pounds. LAbbott106: yes Norlee: yes PKDJ4444: yes SGETT: yes Cookers: ues ELLIOTT53: yes THRV Blush: yes MaliLeptir: yes Dearest: Okay. .thanks... we're going to start a Power Surge Fitness/weight reduction program. Dearest: How many of you would be interested.. please type simply a YES LAbbott106: hurrah BayouClog1: yes Leseetsa: Right On! Eve G 406: yes MaribethTC: great Norlee: yes Buchermj: yes Wingy54: yes SGETT: yes THRV Blush: yes WINDOCK1: yes ELLIOTT53: yes Eeoyre0710: sure Frollie: yes Newby32: yes MaliLeptir: yes i guess MIMISUSAN: yes SINTRIGUE: yes CALIFSKIER: yes and yes for cmvz Barefoot I: yes VBrando101: YES Rbird51: well....kindof lazy here! Norlee: yesyesyes Dearest: Good.. and will Enid help us with this? Leseetsa: Absolutely Dearest: Wonderful.. .okay.. because I want to start this tomorrow. Dearest: <~~~ is READY BayouClog1: tomorrow is great Dearest: Awwwright! LAbbott106: yes Leseetsa: I will be with you every "step" of the way! Dearest: Everyone pledge to start tomorrow.. please type YES> MaribethTC: Super!!!!! Newby32: I'm in!! BayouClog1: yes ELLIOTT53: yes Wingy54: yes Newby32: yes Norlee: yes MaribethTC: yes WINDOCK1: yes THRV Cinda: yes THRV Blush: Today Dearest..or do you need to get the chocolate out first??LOL MaliLeptir: yes Eve G 406: yes SINTRIGUE: yes Cdgee4: yes PKDJ4444: Yes! THRV Blush: Yes Buchermj: yes LAbbott106: YES YES YES MIMISUSAN: YES VBrando101: {S ugogirl WINDOCK1: how? SGETT: Yes WoodyEllen: yes! Barefoot I: uh.. yes RRTMil123: maybe, need to know more Dearest: Oh, yeah, Blush.... the chocolate is all gone :( BayouClog1: oh no chocoolate Leseetsa: How many will still be comitted 6 months from now? We are taking LIFETIME committment here. Dearest: Okay.. let's go back to protocol now. Thank you. PKDJ4444: Are push ups ok for bad knees and back? Leseetsa: Isometic exercise maybe better for you. That is pushing your arms against resistance rather than pressing off the floor Dearest: Ohh... Erica, go ahead. THRV Erica: Leseetsa, know anything about St. John's Wort? Dearest: Erica, I have articles about it. Email me :) THRV Erica: ok thanks Dearest Leseetsa: I recall reading about it, Dearest has more info I'm sure... Dearest: Califskier, go ahead. CALIFSKIER: I can't tell from your "spec" sheet what you are doing now. Still in Hayward? You stress resistance training to which I feel that water aerobics is best for sore knees and legs. Any input? Leseetsa: I do not have any clients at the present time. Was more active with clients a few years ago. Water aerobics is specific for people with limited joint function, with injuries. Its great if you are doing that!! Dearest: Thanks, Enid :) Dearest: Cmvz, go ahead, please :) Cmvz: You mentioned separating aerobics & weight training. Should you do aerobic warm up before lifting weights? Leseetsa: Yes, I try to "break a sweat" before lifting, helps get all muscles ready, wake up call!! Cmvz: thanks! Dearest: Sintrigue, go ahead. SINTRIGUE: Have you heard of product natural trim for weight loss & metabolism booster? Leseetsa: I do not advocate using any supplements for weight loss. This is a lifestyle thing we are talking about. Do you want to eat this stuff till you die? I'd rather move my bod any day! SINTRIGUE: thanks Dearest: Great, Enid.. thanks :) Dearest: Newby, go ahead :) Newby32: Any suggestions that will relieve weak, achey legs probably meno "crazy hormones" induced? Leseetsa: Try yoga, it will relax body and mind and help you do what ever else you want to do. Newby32: Thank you. Dearest: MaliLeptir, go ahead. MaliLeptir: THRV Erica....I have taken St. John's for ~ 6 weeks...seems to be helping my stress/anxiety. Dearest: Agree, Mali. Thank you :) Dearest: Cmvz, go ahead. Cmvz: Last question -- I don't want to bulk up. I know, low weight - high repetitions. Any other tips? Leseetsa: Bulking up requires male hormones, since we are looking for our female ones... Really, high reps, low weights is what you want. Cmvz: Well, I'm on HRT with testosterone. Not much, but... Dearest: Enid, define "high reps" please. Thank you. Leseetsa: Ten or more repitions of the movement per set of movements. And at least 3 sets for each muscle. Dearest: Thanks.... Rook, go ahead :) Rook4U: Any good weight resistance videos? Got the weights and bench. Leseetsa: At the present I don't but I can check it out for you if you email me later.. sorry! . Dearest: (try Denise Austin's many videos, Rook) You can buy them on the Internet, too, at www.amazon.com. Rook4U: okay. thanks Dearest: (we need Enid to make her own video) Leseetsa: hummm (g) Dearest: Erica, go ahead :) THRV Erica: This is in response to something Norlee said before..........Norlee, you might want to see if you can find a ladies only club if you're worried about teen agers Dearest: Cdgee, go ahead, please. Cdgee4: What should I look for when deciding to join a gym? Dearest: Very good question. Leseetsa: Go at "rush hour" to see how many machines are available. See if they provide personal trainers or if it is an additional cost. Ask about personal fitness programs. Talk to members while you are there. Cdgee4: thanks:) Dearest: PKDJ, your turn :) PKDJ4444: Any dietary tips for loosing weight? Counting calories, fat grams etc? Rook4U: (I count the clothes I can wear) Leseetsa: There are 9 calories per gram of fat. If you multiply the grams to get caloies and divide total calories by that number, you can determine percent fat. You would be surprized at the results. PKDJ4444: thanks Dearest: Blush, go ahead :) THRV Blush: I'm continuing to lose weight (have lost total of 91 pounds) with only diet change and walking 5 miles a day, 5 days a week, treadmill or exerbike the other 2 days . Do I need to do other exercises? Dearest: Way to GO, Blush!! THRV Blush: Thanks ();-) Itchybaun: way to go blush! Leseetsa: Yes, you might expect me to say.. weight resistance! It will give your body more reason to need calories and burn calories and you will loss weight faster and better, it's a secret!! THRV Blush: (I think weight loss is why i went into menopause LOL) Leseetsa: THRV, it's a fact too much weight loss stops menstruation. I was a 6% body fat and stopped my periods, not a good or healthy thing! Dearest: (sigh) THRV Erica: ouch Leseetsa Dearest: <~~~ fears she's gone way over 6% :( APLP, go ahead :) THRV Erica: Dearest, I'm sure you still look beautiful :) APLPWR: Recently starting using rowing machine for cardio workout - any comments on this machine Leseetsa: Rowing is wonderful for upper body strength and heart health. You do need to balance your workouts though and keep you legs strong. They will "carry" you far if you do! APLPWR: I also do weight training 3x per wk. Dearest: Yes, some legs will :( Bay, go ahead. Leseetsa: Dearest, you will conquer this thing!! BayouClog1: Can you recomend a good book to guide me with a low fat diet? Live in New Orleans, dieting hard here Leseetsa: New Orleans huh, good luck! Covert Bailys (opps) Fit or Fat Target Diet is great. It is based on targeting most of your food as whole grains, lowfat protein, and veggies and fruit. Dearest: Bay, please check the Power Surge Web site's Reading List www.dearest.com/menobook.htm Dearest: Catalina, please go ahead :) Catalina5: My YMCA "trainer" tells me to do ONLY one set at the highest weight I can muster.??? Leseetsa: Get another trainer! Is this one of the teenagers!? Catalina5: yes (A technical Pause) Leseetsa: Has anyone read "the Solution" by Laurel Mellin? Its a great book for people who really want to lose weight permanently. She talks about the mental, physical and lifestyle aspects of permanent weight loss. Dearest: Cdgee, go ahead. Cdgee4: Is there a formula for calculating our % of body fat? Leseetsa: There are several methods. The easiest is the unfrared method. Futrex makes a fat tester Dearest: LAbbott, go ahead. LAbbott106: Does being heavy delay the end of menopause? I am 54 and tired of this mess. (thanks for idea of book Dearest.) Dearest: Welcome, LAbbott - can relate to it all - :) Leseetsa: I think meno is so unpredictable it is not certain whether weight delays it. It does seem that heavier women have more estrogen than thin women... Dearest: Erica, go ahead. THRV Erica: What is a good body fat % for a woman to be at? Leseetsa: Under 25% is healthy. Dearest: Blush, go ahead :) THRV Blush: My weight loss is not REALLY the cause of the onset of menopause. My FSH was 50something. I "used up" my eggs on fertility drugs a few years ago, before the major weight showed up. Dearest: PKD, go ahead. PKDJ4444: Do you know of any issometric exercise videos? How do I learn issometrics Leseetsa: Good question, I don't but there was a product called Power Builder that has a book you can learn from. THRV Erica: PKD, you might also want to check out Thrive@shape Dearest: Excellent, also check out the Power Surge Transcript Library, PKDJ, and read the Denise Austin transcript. PKDJ4444: Thanks Leseetsa: Yes, thrive and keyword Grandstand for more fitness tips Dearest: Enid, thanks so much for spending this time with us in Power Surge. The information you've provided will be quite valuable to those trying to maintain good health and get back into good physical shape. Dearest: Let's all thank Enid Fox for joining us in Power Surge this evening. {{{ Enid }}}} Cdgee4: Thanks Enid LORACURA: {S applause LAbbott106: THANKS THRV Erica: Thanks Enid! BayouClog1: thank you THRV Blush: Thanks Enid ELLIOTT53: thank you Eve G 406: thankd THRV Cinda: For all newcomers! To receive a Power Surge Fact Sheet, email THRV Cinda. It's full of all the information you need to navigate the Power Surge website, library, chats & boards. WINDOCK1: Thanks you Enid!!!! THRV Erica: enid, are you on AOL all the time? Norlee: thanx!!!! PKDJ4444: Very informative Leseetsa: Thanks for giving me a chance and I am SO ready to help you all GET INTO GOOD SHAPE! SGETT: {S PSurge MIMISUSAN: {S women Catalina5: thanks, Enid BayouClog1: What type of program will we start Dearest anxious to hear about it THRV Blush: Thanks LORACURA: {S rfamily Dearest: Bay, I'll post about it in the folder THRV Blush: {S psurge Dearest: Enid, thanks so much for answering all our questions :) BayouClog1: ok, we are starting tomorrow though Cdgee4: {S soexcite Leseetsa: Dearest, we have all these names on paper, we know who to keep badgering when they need it! Dearest: Everyone, remember that Enid (Leseetsa) posts in the folder regularly :) SGETT: {S giggle Dearest: LOL, Enid... you are right there. LORACURA: {S friend8 Dearest: <~~ has no sound until computer is straightened out. SGETT: Such a well-behaved group tonight WINDOCK1: {S Poot2 LAbbott106: Cholestreol up really have too!! Dearest: Me too, LA LORACURA: excuse you Win THRV Erica: :( Dearest. don't feel bad, I don't ever have sound :( Cdgee4: Night all, was very motivating:) Dearest: How much is cholesterol, LA? SGETT: {S bigburp Dearest: Awww.Erica :( LORACURA: you too SG THRV Blush: I'd be lost without sound LAbbott106: 248 Dearest: Thanks, SGETT :) THRV Erica: yeah I know ::sigh:: End of Enid Fox Log -10/19/97 Special thanks to Power Surge member, NowMony, for her expert and most generous editorial assistance :) Dearest aka Alice Stamm Power Surge Founder, Host, Facilitator Webmaster Power Surge E-mail Dearest Copyright©1994-1997 by Power Surge. All Rights Reserved.

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