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Linda Dano

In Conjunction With Thrive And AOL
In AOL Live's "Bowl" Auditorium
February 22, 1998
Host: Dearest

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Official Transcript Copyright 1997 America Online, Inc. OnlineHost: Copyright 1998 America Online, Inc. All Rights Reserved. THRVmonstr: Thrive and Power Surge are proud to welcome Emmy-winning actress, talk show host, entrepreneur and published author, Linda Dano. Linda will discuss her upcoming book, "Living Great," as well as the impact her recent public plastic surgery (face lift) had on her life and career. Welcome Linda! And Welcome Dearest! Dearest: Thanks, THRV and thanks for the welcome..... Dearest: Linda, a very warm welcome to Power Surge, Thrive and AOL Live. It's a pleasure to have you as a guest this evening :) LindaDano1: Hi everybody! What a lovely way to spend a Sunday night. Thank you for visiting with me! Dearest: Linda, I'm curious, what would you say is the difference between "beauty" and "glamour?" LindaDano1: That's a great question..because I believe there is a REAL difference. I think that beauty is from within, and it helps form & color what other people see, but glamour is "manmade." In other words you or a makeup artist, a costume designer, a hairstylist can create glamour. Dearest: Thanks -- the average woman clearly doesn't have to concern herself with being in the public eye on a regular basis, and isn't likely to undergo a face-lift. What would you say to women about accepting the changes aging brings to our appearance? LindaDano1: It's tough to grow old gracefully because we live in a society that seems to be bent on young, thin, tall, and it's hard to become older and believe you have any worth so I believe (and of course, you can argue this because I DID have a facelift) that age and beauty have to come from within you. you can be a beautiful older woman Dearest: Thanks so much, Linda. Let's go to the audience for the next question Comment: Hi Linda, I just wanted to say that I really admire the fact that you were so open and honest about your face lift. You really look great. LindaDano1: Thank you so much! I was honest about all of it because I thought it might help any of you who are wrestling with this same thing. This was a HUGE decision to have this facelift I was absolutely terrified and thank God, it went well. And just so you know, I am still healing Dearest: Linda, after reading your wonderfully candid account of the face-lift in ... this month's Ladies Home Journal ... I wonder, if knowing what you do now, would you do it all over again? LindaDano1: A week after the surgery, I would have said ABSOLUTELY NOT! Three months after the surgery, I'd say "Yes, maybe!" Dearest: Thanks.. let's take another question from the audience :) Comment: I read your articles in Soap Opera Digest. You have a great sense of style. What is the one thing everyone should have in their wardrobe? LindaDano1: 2 Things 1) a white tailored cotton shirt 2) and the perfect (make sure it fits!) black or at least dark simple, simple dress, sleeveless Dearest: Interesting... let's expand on that, Linda, if you were told you could only carry three articles of makeup, what would they be? LindaDano1: 1)Dual-Finish Powder by Lancome 2) Lipstick 3) Mascara and if you are very lucky, you have someone to put it on you every day (smile) Dearest: We see you dressed in your wonderful fashions - but does Linda Dano ever just chill out in jeans and a sweatshirt, and if so, what would she do on a day she were dressed like that? LindaDano1: It's so funny that you ask because yesterday I wore jeans and I went to Linens & Things. I went to the dry cleaners and the market and my mother and I went looking for baby clothes for her great-grandchildren and my grandchildren. Dearest: Ahhh... sounds like fun... let's take another question from our patient audience who are anxious to talk with you :) Comment: When did you decide to write a book? LindaDano1: I had been thinking about it for a long time Looking Great...seemed to come at the perfect time. I'm really happy the way this book turned out I feel that it really CAN help and I've had so many of you say that Because I had so many letters it inspired me to write my second book "Living Great" which comes out in April of this year.. It's fun to share what I know with all of you and if it helps, that really is my intent. Dearest: Wonderful... we have a question about "Attitudes"... audience? Comment: Linda, i loved the show you were on lifetime channel with Nancy Glass, but i can't remember the name of it. Do you ever think you will do anything like that again. You are a great people person. LindaDano1: Thank you...I loved "Attitudes" (which was the name of the show) it was a great deal of fun and we talk about doing another one someday Wednesday night on QVC, I had a live audience and it felt like I was doing old "Attitudes" -- It was a lot of fun. Dearest: Linda, your alter ego on "Another World" -- Felicia Gallant --how much alike are the two of you? LindaDano1: years ago, I would have said "not at all!" But now after 15 yrs, I can hardly tell us apart! One of the ONLY differences is in the area of love.. Felicia is pathetic. Linda, however has wonderful Frank. But then, it took me a while to find him Dearest: Let's go to another audience question :) Comment: What was youre favorite role to play? LindaDano1: Ever? Dearest: Of your TV roles LindaDano1: You all think I'm going to say "Felicia" and yes, absolutely I LOVE playing her but I've also done some other television that was really memorable and fun I did a role of a "meany" Felicia in "Rage of Angels" and that was a lot of fun! and I had fun on "Homicide" last year It's hard to imagine playing anyone but Felicia Dearest: Linda, I didn't realize you'd done so many TV series and shows..... when did your career begin in TV? LindaDano1: Oh boy... a LONG time ago...let's see... I guess I've been acting almost always on TV with a few movies along the way I guess it's been 25, maybe 30 years...SCARY when you say those numbers I just counted on my fingers and toes... I made a mistake...I guess I've been working about 22 years in television.. that's not so scary Dearest: Ahh... maybe scary, but getting better with time :) Let's take another audience question. Comment: Linda, Felicia has done quite a bit, but what would you like to see her do next on AW? LindaDano1: What a great, GREAT question! I haven't a clue! What would you like to see me do? Would you like my children to return? I would love to have a daughter, I would love that daughter to have a child...I would love that child to really need me, thus a story is born Dearest: Linda, did you always have this creative flair for fashion and design, even as a child? LindaDano1: To be perfectly honest, yes, I think so I certainly learned all of it from my mother, but it was a natural fit from the beginning For as long as I can remember, I dress, no matter what. Dearest: From what I've read, you seem to have a close relationship with your mother. Want to elaborate on that? LindaDano1: Sure..my mother and I are great friends. We do lots of things together. We, shop and travel, she's going with me to California next Tuesday she lives with Frank and me and it's great. Dearest: Sounds great ... let's take another audience question .... Comment: Which soap star is the best kisser? LindaDano1: Boy, I don't know...when you find out, let me know! Now, in MY experience.. it doesn't get alot better than David Forsyth and my one dropping to my knees kiss was the first time I kissed John Aprea.. oh my god! Dearest: Linda, we look forward to your new book next month, "Living Great." What subjects do you touch on in this new book? LindaDano1: Everything to do with your home and how it makes you feel I really believe that your home should truly reflect your inner you it should be filled with warmth, the things you love most, your memories, it's YOUR place. Your private world. If you don't have that, you need to create it and I hope I can help you do that. Be sure to look at the cover. My Frank designed it. It's FABULOUS Dearest: Thanks, Linda.. we can't wait to read it. Let's take another audience question. Comment: How do you let all emotions come out when you are taping? It seems like you can cry right on cue! Is it hard to do that and how do you set the mood? Do you have any techniques before your emotional scenes? LindaDano1: Many years ago I realized that acting, for me, only worked if I went to a very real place inside me. So, it's important when I start an emotional scene, that I, Linda can take Felicia to that actual place that is truth. Truth, for an actor is the ONLY thing that will make you, the audience, stop and pay attention. I like going there. And because I'm not afraid of it, I go there easily. And as my husband would say, I love to cry. Dearest: Linda, please share any secrets re your 40 pound weight loss - for those women struggling to get back in shape. LindaDano1: Losing and gaining weight seem to be a way of life for so many of us, certainly me. My only success is truly wrapped around how I feel about myself at any given moment. If I'm liking myself, I don't cram Snickers bars and donuts down my throat but, boy is that a fine line. Every day is a battle and I talk to myself a lot. Try liking yourself. TRY really hard, and don't expect success every day If you cheat on yourself, it's ok the next day will be a different day I push my plate away, I don't eat as much, I really try to only eat when I'm truly hungry all the stuff you already know, I'm telling you, it's about how you feel about YOU. Comment: You have a wonderful self confidence. Were you always so confident and if not how did you achieve this? LindaDano1: No, I haven't always been confident. And I smile when you ask me that because I still have days (yesterday, in fact) when I feel really inadequate and down on myself and I think, here again, this is about what I just said, I'm a big believer in talking to yourself. You are (as corny as this sounds) the master You can change anything I think if we believe that, we can have happy, full, loving lives But you have to believe it, you just have to. Dearest: Linda, please share with us how you feel differently inside since the surgery. LindaDano1: I do feel differently. I feel more confident, I guess because I feel I look better You know, everything is such a delicate balance, my face looks better (you all know I HATED my jowls!) so then I started to lose weight because I started to eat.. healthily (for the millionth time) and always it comes back to the same thing...how do I feel about myself, am I worthy? and right now, I'm almost 55 and I feel pretty good about myself do I think it will last?? Hell, I don't know! You'll be the first to know Dearest: Linda, why on earth wouldn't you feel worthy? LindaDano1: I'm just like all of you, we have days where we feel like a piece of ---- where other days we feel GREAT. The trick is to make more GREAT days than the ---- days. Even Michele Pfeiffer has piece of ---- days. Are you paying attention, David E. Kelley? (laughing) Comment: Do you think you would you have had the face lift if you were not in the public eye all the time? LindaDano1: If I'm being really, really honest with myself, yes, I HATED my jowls. Comment: What's your daily fitness regimen? LindaDano1: I go up and down the stairs all day long both at work and home. and NO ONE goes through a department store faster than me! Comment: Hi Linda - Thanks for your book, Looking Great, when I saw you on the Rosie O'Donnell show! It is excellent! Isn't it time that you and Cass (Stephen Schnetzer) got together on Another World? LindaDano1: We are together as the best of friends. Will that become more and go back to REALLY old Cass and Felicia, I have no idea. If you want that to happen, you have to write to NBC and Procter & Gamble and tell them! Letters, not, e-mail. Dearest: Remember, you can see Linda Dano as the glamorous, Felicia Gallant, on "Another World" on NBC-TV. Linda also makes regular appearances on QVC, showing her custom-designed accessory collection. Keep your eyes open for Linda's newest book by Putnam, "Living Great," coming out in April. Linda's books can be bought on the Net at www.amazon.com. Also, be sure to read Linda's candid account of her recent face lift in the March issue of Ladies Home Journal. Dearest: Linda, thank you for this fun and enlightening visit to Power Surge, (keyword: powersurge@thrive) and Thrive. Best of luck in all your future endeavors, and although it wasn't the easiest experience, as Billy Crystal would say, "You look marvelous, darling, just marvelous!" By the way everyone, Linda will be guesting on "CBS This Morning" tomorrow morning in the last half hour - 8:30 -9 [ET] - and, of course, everyone can see Linda as the glamorous, Felicia Gallant, on NBC-TV's, Another World. Linda, take care and thanks :) THRVmonstr: Thanks so much Linda... and thanks to Dearest from Power Surge for hosting this event! LindaDano1: Thank you to all of you, all your thoughts and nice words and the friendship that I feel You make me feel comfortable and free enough to share whatever I'm going through or feeling..it's like we're REALLY friends Good night and I hope we talk again real soon Bless all of you. Love, Linda Dearest: Thank you to you, Linda :) G'nite. LindaDano1: Goodnight! THRVmonstr: Thanks to everyone for all the great questions... see you soon. KEEP THRIVING! AWESOME! OnlineHost: [Chat transcript is] Copyright 1998 America Online, Inc. All Rights Reserved. End Of Feb 22, 1998 Visit Of Linda Dano To Power Surge Dearest aka Alice Stamm Power Surge Founder, Host, Facilitator Power Surge E-mail Dearest Copyright©1994-1998 by Power Surge. All Rights Reserved.

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